Will Email Marketing Die in 2022?

Internet marketing is changing in a big way. With social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it’s becoming harder to cut through the noise these days and deliver your message to your potential customers.

But the real question is, will email marketing die in 2020 and beyond? If yes what will take its place and if no, how will it change?

Before we start, watch the video below as I explain the future of email marketing in the next year and how it is going to change:

In case if you didn’t watch the video, here’s your answer: email marketing isn’t going to die, but it’s changing very fast.

It’s becoming harder than ever to deliver emails to inbox with the introduction of Gmail’s 3 sectioned inbox (the Inbox, Promotion, and Social tabs), but even with these, you can still cut through the noise and reach out your customer’s inbox, here’s how:

Make it personal

People enjoy the personal touch, so don’t forget about it. Your potential customers are receiving dozens of emails like yours every day, so the best way to ensure they’ll open your emails is to make sure they know you well.

Send them a personal note once in a while, tell them something about you and have a chat, and don’t try promoting anything.

Emails like this will ensure that they’ll remember you as a person, not another message they’ll going to delete the moment it lands in their inbox.

Make them understand they need you!

I send dozens of emails every day and the most effective emails I’ve sent out has always been the ones where I make it clear that they need what I have.

For example, I start the email by telling them “if you don’t want to learn about this awesome thing, you can click here to unsubscribe instantly, and I won’t bother you again.”

This type of language will give you the upper hand and will glue your subscribers to the screen. Mix this with short and effective emails and a personal touch once in a while to stand out, and you have the perfect email campaign.

High open rates, high CTR rates, and conversions, all thanks to this strategy.

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