How to Make Affiliate Sales Using Webinars – Aversity Podcast EP3

Finally, after a 2-week delay, the 3rd episode of Aversity podcast is out and this one got lots of great things you don’t want to miss!

I started episode 3 by explaining a little bit more about our upcoming Platinum Level program called the Platinum Masterclass, then a little bit about our 2 massive upcoming projects, the Actionate.io CPA network, and LaunchIt.io which are affordable and advanced landing page builder software which will provide marketers and entrepreneurs with everything they need to build their business from scratch!

After that,

I dived into the main subject of this episode, webinars and using them to make affiliate sales.

We recently started integrating webinars into our partners’ program and the results have been incredible. Webinars are one of the subjects we will cover inside our upcoming training program, the Platinum Masterclass.

Listen to the episode to get all of the details about these subjects:

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