Here’s How We’re Getting Traffic Using Google Discover

In the past month, our websites have received over 350,000 visitors from the Google Discover feature on chrome mobile browsers. We’ve been testing our traffic and articles to come up with the best SEO strategy to get recommended in Google Discover.

This short video will give you the basics of this SEO formula:

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Now that you know some of the basics, let’s talk about each of these steps:

Requirement #1: You must have at least 1,000 words per article

This is a must and based on our experience, Google rarely considers articles with less than 1000 words. You’ll need to hit this limit and make sure to not exceed the 2000 words mark because there’s a high chance that Google won’t recommend skyrocket articles (super long and detailed articles aimed mainly to rank in Google search results)

Requirement #2: Have a video embedded on the first 100 words of your article

To be eligible for Google Discover, you need to show that people spend time on your article and the best way is using a video for every article you publish (like us) Video is the single best way to keep someone on a page, increase conversions and have a multi-media article.

Requirement #3: Use images and headlines as much as possible

The next step is making your actual article as detailed as possible. Use images, headlines, bullet points, and ect.. in your article to make it enjoyable and easy to consume. Avoid chunky paragraphs and long sentences.

Requirement #4: Use catchy headlines

A catchy headline is another important factor in Google SEO and Discover SEO in general. Make sure your headline is short, catchy and easy to understand. A good practice is to research your headline before writing your articles by searching for the keyword on Google.

Requirement #5: Get people to comment and share the article

Interactions are another important ranking factor to get yourself in the discover recommendations. Interactions can be anything from a simple share and comment to linking to an article and having a link to your article on YouTube.

Bonus Tip: Focus on trending subjects

Another way to boost your chances of getting recommended on Google discover is by writing about trending subjects. If you pay attention to the discover section your phone, you’ll notice that about 50% of the articles are news related articles!

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