Top Paid Traffic Sources For Online Business in 2018

I like you, you know why? Because you’re looking for top paid traffic sources, not free ones. This means that you’re smart!

Nothing can replace paid traffic. It’s scalable and there is an unlimited amount of it for everyone. In this article, I’ll explain how I drive traffic to my million dollars online businesses and how I make a 10x profit on almost every single paid traffic campaign that I run.

So there will be 2 parts to this article, part 1 is my top paid traffic sources and part 2 will be how I actually convert them to sales!

Before I start naming them, watch the video below to get an idea about what I’m going to share with you here:

So let’s go over my top paid traffic sources:

#1: YouTube Ads

I strongly believe that YouTube ads are the best type of ads. They convert high and are incredibly affordable. I personally spend 70% of my monthly advertising budget on YouTube ads.

but why they work?

Video has become the strongest type of media for the past 2 years and it’s here to stay for a very long time. People engage with videos more than anything else and YouTube is becoming the center of the world of videos. Although YouTube isn’t the only place to do video ads, YouTube ads specifically convert very well, because YouTube is a search engine, not a social media website.

This is why YouTube video ads convert much better than Facebook ads. Facebook users see your ads by accident, but YouTube users see ads based on their search and what they need.

#2: Facebook Retargeting Ads

Facebook retargeting is what I use to follow my leads to every single place on the web. For example, when someone lands on my page from YouTube ads, they will see my followup ad on Facebook or Facebook advertising networks (like mobile apps). This will give me the ability to create the “What is that thing” effect for people who don’t click my ads in the first place.

So what is “What is that thing” effect? This is when you see an add on a page but you don’t click it, then you see it so many times in different places that if finally convince you to click it to just see what is the ad about.

#3: Forum Traffic

Forum traffic is what I’m going to shift my focus on in 2018 and beyond. It’s almost free but it comes with some costs and there will be some work involved.  The idea is to build a forum using discourse.org and grow it until it starts getting traffic from search engines. Then you will use the forum to send people to your offers or website.

Forum traffic is usually extremely targeted and it’s one of the best types of free traffic that you can get. We’re planning to implement this strategy in our Aversity and Top Level Affiliate forums.

The Next Question is...

How do I convert the traffic to thousands of dollars in sales every day?

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  • Thank you for sharing these paid traffic sources with us. Hopefully I can get some sales using them. I’m also planning to become a member of your Gold Masterclass program. I’ve heard you have full training on paid traffic in there.

    great post!

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