The Most Profitable Way to Promote Affiliate Links and Make Money Online

Promoting affiliate links and products isn’t just about the traffic. In fact, if you remember my previous video on affiliate marketing with AdWords, I specifically mentioned that your funnel and the “how” of your campaign is the most important part.

What you’re about to learn here will change everything in your business…

This simple, yet powerful strategy is being used by top super affiliates and is bringing thousands of dollars every minute!

So what is it? Here you go:

The idea is very simple, but it’ll take some serious time to build a funnel like this, but once you have it… All I can say is that you don’t need too many of these funnels to earn six figures online!

Before I dive deeper into this and explain why a simple funnel like this works very well and how you can actually make it work, watch the video below to learn more about this six or even seven-figure marketing strategy:

Why this strategy works?

This is almost the oldest marketing strategy of all time and it’s used by every single online of local business, simply because existing customers are the biggest source of income in every business and affiliate marketing isn’t an exception.

Imagine if every Starbucks customer would go there only once every year, what would happen? Starbucks would go out of business in less than a week! Your existing customers have the money and interest to buy MORE and you should use them in your business.

In this affiliate link promotion strategy, we will sell a very cheap but valuable front-end product for less than $5 (I usually go for $2.97). The goal is to make the money you invest in ads and build a list of people who have purchased something from you. This way, you’ll build a list people who are interested in your product and have bought something before. That list is pretty much a golden list!

from a super affiliate:

Earn $3,000 a Day Online

Without prior marketing or sales experience.

All you need to do next is to send them to a live (or pre-recorded) webinar and pitch another product with a higher price point (like $497). Not everyone is going to buy, but I usually convert 9% of them to buyers.

Let’s do some math here:

List of 500 Front-end Buyers > Live Webinar > %9 of Them Buy My $497 Product = $22,365

and guess how much I spent on ads to build the list? $0

Becuase my profits from small front-end product pay for advertising!

How do you implement this strategy?

The first step is creating a front-end product. I strongly recommend you to create your own product. You can record your screen or your face and talk about the subject (if you know what you’re talking about of course!). To sell it for $2.97 and make your customers happy, I recommend at least 2 hours of content with some bonuses.

If that’s not an option, you can purchase a PLR (just google “buy PLR) and you can get a decent already done for you product in minutes!

Next is creating your website using Clickfunnels and using a payment processing tool like Stripe to charge your customers.

If it’s your first time promoting affiliate links with this strategy, getting it right will take some time but when you get it right, this strategy will make your thousands of dollars every day in affiliate commissions!

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