The Secret to Successfully Promote Affiliate Products on Facebook

The proper way to promote affiliate products on Facebook seems complicated to many people because of Facebook’s affiliate marketing rules. In this article, you’ll learn the secret to our Facebook success and our premium step-by-step guide to use Facebook for affiliate marketing!

before we begin, let me tell you something about Facebook ads for affiliate marketing that will bum you out a little bit…

Sending people from FB ads to your affiliate offers or an opt-in page simply doesn’t work anymore, here’s why:

Most of the people on Facebook are browsing around to keep up with their friends and aren’t constantly looking for new products or services you might have for them. That’s why Facebook traffic is much more different than Google traffic.

Traffic from Facebook ads is just curious about your offer, but traffic from Google is coming from “search”, meaning that the person is looking for a service.

This is why you need to work the Facebook traffic in a different way. Before I dive into the details of our Facebook strategy, watch the video below to learn some of the important basics of our Facebook strategy:

As I explained in the video above, the key to success in Facebook Advertising is content. Without it, your ads won’t be anything more than just “ads”. You need to engage people with your ad and content before asking for anything.

even if they don’t interact with your page, end up not joining your list or buying your product, you still can get back to them and remarket them using Facebook’s retargeting feature. As a company, we get most of our sales on Facebook from people who have interacted with our content multiple times.

This means that lost traffic isn’t really lost and you can use it as an opportunity to get back to them to prove them why they should join your list or buy your product…

Watch the video below as I explain more about the importance of providing value in your FB ads when promoting affiliate products:

So let’s get some basics right before we get into the details,

  • It’s important to provide value on your Facebook ads
  • Ask people to engage with your content, by leaving comments
  • Provide interesting and clickable content on your ads
  • Have a smooth transition from Facebook ads to your bridge page
  • Promote your affiliate product on the bridge page by providing more value
  • Send your visitors to a presell page for more interactions
  • Pitch your affiliate product on that presell page.

Here’s a mindmap to make it easier for you to imagine this process:

Why do we separate value and pitch page?

Most of the people rather have their pitch on the same page. Based on our research and experience, this helps with on page engagement and increases the chance of a sale on the first touch, something that I’ve explained in detail inside our Gold Masterclass training program.

This also makes your potential customers trust you more and believe that your intention isn’t just to sell, but also provide value. Even though we are trying to sell, these small things make a huge difference in the final results.

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Let us know what you think about this article by leaving a comment, we can’t wait to hear your opinion on this.

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  • I am looking forward to promoting on social media, I have some doubt on how to do, this article helping me to get some knowledge about the procedures, keep doing this great work, keep sharing with us.

  • Does anyone have examples for a presell page? John Crestani and others claim that they don’t even collect the email adress on their landing page, just straight to the offer after translating the visitor from browsing mode into buyers mode. Any real examples?

  • Nice advice , I want to ask you what is the beter is it promot facebook page for likes or promot directly for landing website page ?
    Thanks again.

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