What Would I Do If I Had to Start My Online Business From Zero?

I’ve always believed that the beginning of an online business is always the hardest phase.

This is the phase when you learn, test, shift your mindset and work twice as hard to build a business while working in your regular job.

This is the phase when you have to learn the business from scratch, maybe purchase an affiliate marketing course and invest dozens of hours to learn every detail of the business while trying to avoid dozens of emails being sent by different marketers, selling you the next best thing…

Then after that, comes the test phase when you start building your business based on the instructions from the program you bought. This itself takes months to get right (tip: use done for you solutions to eliminate this phase!) and hundreds of different tests to find the perfect solution.

Then it comes shifting your mindset and going from the employee to business owner mindset to handle the pressure that comes with owning a business and being able to manage yourself, working for yourself…something that many people consider easy while in reality, it’s much harder than anything else you will ever do.

Today, I posted a video on Aversity YouTube channel explaining the exact steps I would take to start another seven-figure online business if I had to start from zero. Watch the video below to learn more:

As I explained in the video above, an online business is all about the brand. No matter what you do, whether you sell your own products or promote an affiliate product, you should build a brand or a front product first, and then do the selling.

This will allow you to control the narrative, build a list of customer and focus on your own business first

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