Step by Step Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing Using Banner Ads

Display Ads are one of the easiest ways to promote affiliate products and links online and they can even get easier when you know these amazing secrets about them. In this article, you’ll learn how I run a seven-figure online business using display and how you can do the same for your own business.

I feel like display ads don’t get enough love in the online business world and to be honest with you, that’s great for me and you. The fewer people use it, the less it costs for me and you to utilize it to make thousands of dollars every day!

Before we dive into the details of display and and how it can be used in your online business or affiliate marketing business, watch the video below to learn some important basics about them:

Now that you know some basics of banner ads and the use of them in online businesses, let’s get into some good stuff, shall we?

My Favorite Banner Ad & Display Ads Networks

I spend about $1,000 a day on banner or display ads in my affiliate marketing business to promote affiliate products and about $500 of that budget is spent on Bing Syndicated network. Bing Syndicated network is a native/display ad network and works very well for affiliate products.

This network is so powerful that I have an entire dedicated training module for it inside Aversity Gold Masterclass program.

The reason Bing Syndicated network is powerful is the company and sites behind it. Your ads can end up on sites like Yahoo! and Microsoft beside great content which is really powerful and can give you some good leads and sales.

My next favorite banner ad network to promote affiliate links is Google Adwords Display Network. Although it’s a little bit harder to get approved in there, but if you do it right, rewards can be enormous.

Watch the short video below as I explain more about this:

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Now let’s talk about budgeting because I feel that’s the most important part for affiliate marketing beginners.

My budgeting strategy is very simple, yet effective and works for any product you want to promote. My daily ad budget is usually equal or 20% higher than the average commission I’m going to make from selling that product.

For example, if I make $97 for a single sale, my daily budget will be $97 to $120 a day. Keep in mind that you want to have a minimum budget of $30 a day per campaign to get enough data, especially of the commission you’re making is not that much. It’s important to gather data because banner advertising won’t get you results instantly. It takes time and you need to improve and optimize it (I’ll talk about that in a minute).

An example of a $97 budget for an affiliate product in our staging Adwords account.

How to Optimize Your Campaigns?

In this case, I’m going to explain how do I optimize my affiliate marketing banner ads in Google Adwords, but this can be used on the Bing Syndicated network too. After running your banner ads for a while, you need to Click your campaign, then from the tab above, click Display Networks and then Placements.

Now sort them by impressions and see which sites are getting you the lowest Click Through Rate, find them and click the small green circle icon to disable it.

This way, you won’t show your ads on sites that are wasting your impressions and not getting you any clicks. Doing this alone is 80% of the optimization process in any display ads because most of the people are too lazy to do this.

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