Most Effective Way to Get Results With Solo Ads – 5-Minute Marketing Episode 12

Solo ads are one of the oldest forms of advertising in affiliate marketing and they’re changing faster than ever. Fewer people open emails these days and not only that, even fewer end up buying something from a random affiliate marketer. These days, it’s all about engagement and trust…

In this episode of the 5-Minute Marketing training series, I’m going to talk about the state of solo ads this year and the best way to use them in your business for maximum leads and results.

As I explained in the video above, the key to success with solo ads is engagement. You will need to establish trust before asking for your visitor’s name and email, otherwise, you’ll have a list of worthless leads.

One of the important things you’ll learn in our most popular training program, the Inner Circle Masterclass is solo ads and the correct way to use them in your business. In fact, there’s a whole module (more like a full course) inside this program dedicated to solo ads and how super affiliates like me are using them effectively in their affiliate marketing business. You can learn more about the Inner Circle Masterclass by clicking here.

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