5 Different Ways To Use Social Media Ads For Your Affiliate Site

Affiliate marketing and social media go hand-in-hand. Social media is a fast and effective way of growing your audience and promoting your affiliate content and schemes.

By providing great content and engaging with your audience, you can use social to effectively grow your affiliate site.

But an oft-overlooked and underutilized aspect of the platforms are simple social ads.

These can be used in a variety of creative ways to boost your affiliate business, such as:

Lead generation ads

In affiliate marketing, you are nothing without your audience. Steady customer traffic generates regular clicks, as well as providing you with strong social proof and better SEO too.

But finding new traffic can be tough, especially if you’re only competing on SERPs. Social ads are your opportunity to skip that and get your site seen by approaching customers on the platforms they are most active on.

Customers spend a lot of time on social, and many social platforms offer ad formats that look natural, nestling subtly alongside the posts of your customer’s friends and family. This makes them perfect for piquing potential consumer’s interest in an organic setting and building your subscriber lists.

Top takeaway

Create ads that pique your target audience’s interest by offering a lead magnet. For example, a free ebook, online course, or discount voucher is a tantalizing prospect that prospective customers are only too happy to provide their email address for.

Influencer recruitment

Influencers have pervaded virtually every aspect of marketing in 2018, and for good reason. Armed with a significant social following and an authentic audience relationship, these social stars are able to make brands by granting them their blessing — or break them by pouring vitriol on them.

While every industry has its influencers, they are most prevalent in fashion, beauty, and fitness sectors. The popularity of visual social platforms such as Instagram lends themselves particularly well to those operating in these heavily aesthetic industries. The wild success of brand-influencer partnerships such as footwear brand Loeffler Randall‘s #LRambassador is a testament to the efficacy of influencer marketing.

But affiliate marketers too can benefit from influencer relationships too. Influencers are generally always willing to use their social status to create income — indeed, it’s their job. Consequently, you can use social ads to reach out to influencers and offer them the chance to join your network.

Top takeaway

Create a series of blogger recruitment ads inviting social influencers within your niche to join your affiliate network, helping raise awareness of and promoting your affiliate site. In return, cut them a portion of your profits, using trackable bit.ly links to quantify the success of each influencer’s campaign.

Review awareness

In their simplest forms, ads are used to promote a product or service. And it’s no different for affiliate social ads either. Simply using social ads to raise awareness of an affiliate review is an effective use of your ad spend.

Affiliate reviews, in particular, are a popular resource that customers find useful. During the research stage of the buyer’s journey, they often find themselves going to several different places to educate themselves about their prospective purchase. This often involves seeking recommendations on social or perusing social shops.

This is especially true for online gadget shops. There is a plethora of advanced technology on the market, targeted at consumers with often no more than a layman’s knowledge of the subject. Reviews of the latest smartphones, tablets, headphones, and so on provide in-depth analysis that is at once authentic, authoritative and, most importantly, accessible too.

Reviews save consumers the time and effort by curating all the relevant information into a single place. By promoting your review on social, you can grab your potential customer’s attention as they begin their journey towards purchasing.

Top takeaway

Target your social ads to specific consumer demographics by using specific keywords and customer data. In this way, you can ensure your affiliate reviews get seen by consumers who are most likely to click through to your affiliates.

Video Ads

Visuals draw in clicks like moths to a flame, and so it pays to create highly attractive and dynamic social ads. The video is the perfect format for grabbing audience attention quickly and effectively.

You need to give your social followers a reason to watch your video. Craft a short clip that provides some useful, valuable content that your audience would benefit from. It could be an explainer video for a common issue faced by your target market, or it might be a product review. You can then use this video as a springboard for your affiliate site.

A good example of this can be seen in the pet niche. Pet owners have very specific problems and needs that differ from those faced by non-pet owners: how to deal with fleas, the best diet food for cats, and so on. The best pet websites provide videos that deal with these issues. Pet shops now have value not on the virtue of their product, but on the virtue of their content. By providing content that resolves pet owner issues (and positioning their own products as solutions for those problems), pet websites provide value to their customers.

The blending of useful content with a promotional kick is a common technique that is effectively used by a range of online businesses, especially those that have a very niche audience.

Top takeaway

Identify common issues faced by your audience, and then create a strong video that both deals with the problem and proffers your affiliate site products or services as a resolution.

Social media ads are an important part of the affiliate marketer’s toolbox. They’re effective and powerful but highly underutilized. Use the examples above as inspiration for leveraging your social ads and grow your affiliate business.

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