These Small YouTube Channels Are Making Over $5,000 a Month!

If you think You’ll need a big YouTube channel in order to make a full-time income online from YouTube, you’re in for a big surprise. In this video, Sean Bagheri, CEO and the Founder of Aversity will explain how he’s earning an extra $5,000 using small YouTube channels with a couple of videos…

Article was updated on 02/12/2022

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So how does it work?

The strategy is made of three or four videos. 

The idea is very simple. You start with a single video on YouTube. Advertise that video and build a retargeting audience of people who have watched the video.

Then you start another ad group and target people who have watched the first video and show them the second video.

You do this for all four video and by the time people get to your 4th video, you can start promoting products.

At this point, anyone who gets to the 4th video has watched multiple videos of your channel and is very interested in any product you have to offer.

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