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Below is a small list of the services we provide to help businesses to thrive. If you don't see the service you need here, book a call with our team and let's have a chat about the services you need and how Aversity can help your business.

Venture Capital

Have the next best business idea and need funds? Aversity can directly invest in you and your idea or connect you with potential investors.

We have access to over 280 million dollars in funds from 50 different investors and we can always find the right profile to help you turn your business idea into a thriving business in a short time.

Product Launches

Over the past 5 years, we've done over 30 product launches and generated over 50 million dollars in sales.

Aversity team can develop a bullet proof launch strategy for your business or product to kickstart your business from the beginning and solve all of your potential future financial problems.

Cloud Services

Our team of 24 cloud experts can help you with all of your cloud service needs.

We can deploy your application on our own cloud platform, or help you find the right platform for your business. Our team can also help you with all of your technical support needs to ensure a great experience for you and your staff.

Web and Application Development

Have the next best website or app idea? We can develop it for you from A to Z. 

Sit back and watch as our team brings your app or website idea to life and launches it directly to cloud for you. Our team of expert coders can build you anything you'd like, from simple to advanced development needs.

Advanced Advertising

Need to drive targeted traffic to your business? We spend over $150,000 a month in ads and generate a revenue of over 1 million dollar a month.

Our team of advertisers can help your business do the same and work with your budget to setup the perfect advertising campaigns for your business to help you generate more leads, revenue and customers.

Private Label Rights

Do you see a course that you'd like to own and sell as your own?

Aversity provides private label rights to some of the courses and content on our platform, allowing you to sell them as your own, and earn revenue. 

Customer Delivery

Would you like to market your services to our thousands of members? Aversity has over 20,000 active premium subscribers and over 110,000 free members and you can market your services to all of them!

If you're interested in reaching out to these members directly via an email ad or solo ad, you can use this self-service system to start advertising your products.

Aversity Video Advertising

Advertise your products to over 110,000 Aversity members. Our free members have access to the free courses of the Aversity platform and watch thousands of hours every day...

As an advertiser, you can market your products using mid-roll or pre-stream ads and reach a super targeted audience to promote your offers, links and products.

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