SEO Tips That Took Us From 0 to 4000 Visitors/Day on Google

Most of the SEO Tips articles on Google are designed to rank for the keyword SEO Tips and to be honest with you, I don’t care if you read this article or not. My company is making so much money that I don’t have an incentive in this article and to make it even better, we’re not an SEO company selling SEO services.

So with that being out of the way, let me teach you how an average guy like me with not much knowledge or love for SEO was able to take a brand new blog from 0 visitors from Google to 4,000 visitors a day by just doing these simple things and without much backlink building

What I want you to understand is that free targeted traffic isn’t something we focus on at all since our online business education company is built on a more reliable type of traffic: the paid traffic. But at the same time, I can’t ignore the amount of profit we’re making using Google’s free traffic either.

Just last month, we had a revenue of $472,000 in sales and, $65,000 of that number was from Google search.

So as you see, there’s a ton of value coming from these Google visitors and here’s how I was able to get this amount of traffic by applying these simple SEO Tips to my company’s website:

SEO Tip #1: Learn From What’s Already Working

I think not many people are doing this. Sometimes the answer to the question is just right in front of you, all you need to do is to see it. If you’re trying to rank for a search term on Google, why not do a Google search and see what other websites are doing? Do a search and see what kind of titles and descriptions are ranking at the top of the search results. Get ideas and use those ideas in your own headline.

This was how I made my first major SEO breakthrough by ranking for a very competitive keyword. I’m still dominating this search term to this day and getting over 300 visitors from a single search keyword every single day.

SEO Tip #2: Keep People On Page Using Videos

If you read our blog a little bit, you will see that we have at least one video in every article. In some cases, we even have 3 or 4 videos and the idea behind this is quite simple, one of the biggest ranking indicators after CTR is bounce rate, meaning that how long will someone stay on your page before hitting the ‘back’ button on their browser or not going back at all (visiting another page on your site).

Your page bounce rate tells Google how helpful your page is to the search result and that’s important to Google. If your page is spammy and useless and when someone lands on it goes back to search result instantly, Google will notice that and brings you down in the search results because your page isn’t answering the visitor’s question.

SEO Tip #3: Don’t Write for Google, Write for People

Don’t try too hard when you’re writing an article. Try to provide value and be helpful and let Google do the rest for you. Of course, it’s important to do a keyword research to get an idea of what you should say in your content, but at the end of the day, Google’s search algorithm is trying to be human and find the best things for us, so trust Google and write something that helps people.

Here’s why writing for people instead of Google’s search algorithm is important:

It keeps people on your page: As I mentioned in the Tip #2, this is a big deal and when you write a content that is written for people, Google appreciates it and rewards you by moving your site to the top of search results. I’ve seen hundreds of article ranking at the top of Google that have their main search keyword repeated only once or twice but for some reason, they dominate the results, simply because they’re writing for humans, not Google.

It helps you generate organic backlinks: Good content brings you a massive amount of backlinks because people share good stuff online all the time. We link to different articles every day on our blog posts and we weren’t paid by anyone to do so. We link to them because they are good and can provide extra value. This is what happens when you create good content.

SEO Tip #4: Write Content Every Day

This subject is one of the most argued subjects of all time in SEO. Should you write a blog post every day or not? Some people believe it’s great and some people believe it’s a terrible idea. I’m going to share my experience and tell you what I’ve learned.

The thing is, if you have a blog that sells a product (like our blog), it’s not a bad idea to write every day but it’s important to keep the quality high on every article you post, especially if you write your articles by yourself.

In our case, after our blog started bringing some serious cash, we decided to hire some great writers and pay them to write for us every day. We pay them a total of $20,000 a month, publish 2 high-quality A+ articles every day and make +$60,000 a month from it, it makes sense for us, but does it make sense for you?

Here’s my answer to that. You need to sell a product on your blog, otherwise, what’s the point of it? What you should do is to start writing twice a week. Sell a product at the end of your articles and generate some revenue. Then after you make some money, find a good writer on Medium.com and pay him to write for you a couple of times every week (depends on how much they ask for and how much you can pay).

Keep doing this for a year and add more writers as you sell more products. At the end of the year, you end up with an amazing blog that publishes high quality and fresh content every day and sells a ton of products every day. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

So here it is, 4 SEO Tips that helped us take our blog to the next level. Let us know what you think about this by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to join Aversity Gold Masterclass if you’d like to learn how average people are making $3,000 a day using a done for you online business system that comes with a massive community and direct 1-on-1 coaching.

Earn Up to $3,000 a Day Online

learn how average people are making $3,000 a day using a done for you online business system that comes with a massive community and direct 1-on-1 coaching.

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  • Awesome SEO strategies. Simple and easy to implement. I’m going to apply them to my own website and see what kind of results I get

  • Thanks for sharing your SEO tips, it wasn’t as long as I though but if it’s working for you, should work us either. great post, keep it up!

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