How to Sell High Ticket Affiliate Products to Make Big Commissions?

Selling high ticket and expensive products and services is the key to success in any business, especially in the affiliate marketing business.

Today, I’m going to help you understand the mindset process and strategies of selling high ticket products. Keep in mind that this is coming from one of the biggest online business education companies in the world, Aversity (our company), so what I’m about to share with you here is working for us.

Our company averages over $500,000 a month in sales and %75 of this revenue is coming from high ticket sales (sales over $999), but how do we make this many high ticket sales?

The answer is simple, yet complicated…

Selling a high-end product is a progress, meaning that you can’t just have a sales page and sell something. You need to engage, provide value and sell.

Another important factor you need to understand is that selling high ticket products to people who aren’t your customers is almost impossible unless your branding is done perfectly.

So I’m going to talk about 3 things:

  • How do we sell high ticket products?
  • Why do many marketers ask us to sell high ticket products them? (and how can you do the same)
  • How individuals and brands are selling high ticket products successfully?

How do we sell high ticket products?

Our company has spent over 3 years to develop one of the most advanced high ticket conversion systems.

We have varieties of marketing related courses we call front products. These front products are valuable and effective programs that help our members solve their business problems. Anything from list building, Clickbank affiliate marketing to e-commerce and advertising, we have it all.

We also have 1-on-1 coaching, updates and in some cases, even bonus courses that come with every product to add more value to the product and provide a positive experience for our members.

After a while, our coaches offer high ticket products and our members mostly take the offer, simply because of their positive experience with the program, system, our coaching, and community.

If you’re a product owner and would like to do the same, you need to use the strategy above. Simply, start with a valuable and affordable small front product, then, sell a much more exclusive and elite product to your existing customers for a higher price.

Keep in mind that your front product has to be valuable and helpful, otherwise, your customers won’t trust you to buy your next product.

Why do many marketers ask us to sell high ticket products them?

If you’re reading this article, there’s a chance that you don’t have your own business or products yet. If that’s you, this means that you don’t have any front products or backend products to sell.

This is where our company comes into play and can help complete beginners to earn commissions up to $3,000 per sale!

Here’s how it works:

Instead of creating your own sales funnels, products, sales pages, emails, and website, you can use our already profitable online business system to earn massive commissions, up to $3,000 per sale!

All you need to do is to become a Gold or Platinum member to get started.

We provide everything you’ll ever need to get started: A top of the line online business training program, community, weekly member-only webinars and updates, funnels and more importantly, 1-on-1 coaching you need to become successful as a beginner.

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How individuals and brands are selling high ticket products successfully?

To close this article, I’m going to talk about individuals and how can you sell high ticket products as an individual.

I’m going to use our CEO and founder, Sean Bagheri as an example.

Sean has a YouTube channel on YouTube that has over 25,000 subscribers on YouTube, he is well known in the affiliate marketing industry, spends thousands of dollars a day on ads and basically has a big influence in this industry.

He uses his influence to build his email list, then sells a low ticket product that costs $5.

Then after this, he provides more value automatically using his autoresponder and sells more expensive products, such as Aversity Platinum Masterclass and…

Sean obviously is the founder of Aversity but he also earns commissions from Aversity as an affiliate, like other members…

This strategy can be effective if you have a following for yourself, otherwise, the easiest way to build a business like this is to use a done for you system, like Aversity Gold Masterclass.

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