How to Get MORE SALES From Your Email List In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers contribute to as much as 7.5% of total online retail sales, according to a study.

Yet, how do you drive in sales as one?

How you reach out to your audience is what matters, ones who love to use everything from laptops, computers, to tablets.

If you’re looking to leverage in on the power of affiliate marketing, you would know just how important an email list can be.

Here is the thing – email marketing helps in collecting almost 90 percent of landing page traffic and has an ROI (return on investment) of over 3,800 percent. Email marketing is definitely a part of an integrated approach to boost your sales and convert leads into loyal customers.

According to Radicati, there were 4.9 billion email accounts by 2017 across the globe. As budding bloggers, YouTubers, and entrepreneurs, it’s a goldmine for you out there.

Affiliate Marketers and Generating Sales

As an affiliate marketer, you could sell pretty much anything, for a commission.

Here is the worry though – just getting hold of an email list isn’t going to work. Here are some common mistakes that could prevent you from converting contacts to sales.

1. Your Emails aren’t Engaging Enough

Here is the thing – as many as 99% of consumers check their email every day, but they might not check yours. Unless they find your content engaging, they simply wouldn’t open it.

2. Your Contact Didn’t see the email

How many emails do you read? We are sure not all of them! Even for your readers, it is easy to overlook emails and despite them being interested in the product you are promoting, they never found it.

3. Is It Going to their Spam Folder?

Google could soon send your email to the spam folder. All it takes is the person not opening a couple or more emails of the last five you sent them. The last email you sent them probably went to spam, so it is like they never got it.

How will an email list help with affiliate marketing?

Four videos/web pages for one campaign strategy is the answer to all your affiliate marketing worries. Here is how it works.

Step 1- First, you create a series of videos or web pages taking your audience through a procedure. Make videos on something you have good knowledge of, so that they come back to watch more.

Step 2- Create a list of email leads you want to send them an email simply informing them that you have a new post.

Step 3- When you upload the first video, simply email them saying that you are starting a series of training videos or story videos.

Step 4- Give a little introduction, so that they are interested in knowing what you are exactly offering.

Step 5- Somewhere in the middle of each of the videos and web pages, put across how you like the product. Recommend them to check it out.

Then, wait.

Don’t talk about it again after in the remaining part of the video. When you upload regularly and engage people in small videos.

Once you have them engaged, it’s easier to convert them into sales.

The Right Approach to Selling Your Products

You can either sell four different products in four different posts or one product in the entire series. However, make sure you sell at least one product by the end of your project.

1. Upload your Posts

Rather than embedding your YouTube video series on your website, simply upload them on your Facebook page.

  • Remember to mention your Facebook page name in one of the corners of the video.
  • Embed these Facebook videos on your website because they are easier to view that way.

2. Go in for Sponsored Posts

There might be instances where people only watch one Facebook video and don’t come back. Run a sponsored post of the second video to force them to watch all your videos indirectly. These are called targeting ads and help you use all your avenues to generate higher sales.

Facebook’s promoted posts feature is known to increase conversions by as much as 80%.

How Difficult Is It?

The whole strategy might seem complicated but it actually isn’t. It is time-consuming but brings also brings in the most sales. If you want more sales, upload a video or blog post daily. It helps to keep users engaged.

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As an affiliate marketer, you need to follow certain practices that show your real interest in helping people. Only when your viewers or people on the email list are convinced that your intentions are genuine, they will want to purchase the product that you’re promoting.

The Top Four Practices You Need to Follow as an Affiliate Marketer

Here are four practices you shouldn’t forget to follow as an affiliate marketer.

1. Don’t over promote

Even your best selling product will show a decrease in sales over a period of time. When you realize that the downfall has started, decrease the time you spend promoting it. Pick up a new product and start promoting it.

2. Be transparent

Only promote a product that you genuinely like and have used before. In case you haven’t used it earlier, take a review from those who have and only then promote it. Also, never disclose how much you are earning through the promoted as the Federal Trade Commission does not permit it in the United States.

3. Always include a bonus

Give the subscribers who sign-up for your email a welcome bonus, a discount or something so that they are encouraged to purchase the product. You can also send special discounts to people from the email list that haven’t purchased in a while.

4. Play by the rules

Every affiliate program has its own set rules, so make sure you know them well before starting the collaboration. You don’t want unseen circumstances where the program terminates your contract and you lose all the money for not following the rules.

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