Link Roundup: Top Aversity Forum Topics of June

Aversity forum had over 50,000 visitors last month and dozens of new and amazing topics for you to learn new ways to build and grow your online business! If you haven’t had the chance to visit our forum yet, we’ve put together a list of topics that we found most useful and value-packed ones this month.

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Topic #5: Single or Double Opt-in for Solo Ads?

Do you use solo ads to drive traffic to your offers? Then you have to see this topic. In this topic, Aversity members will discuss the best solo ad strategy and whether you should use single or double opt-in when purchasing them.

The conversations on this topic can save you and make you thousands of dollars, so don’t miss it!

Topic #4: Share Your Best Bing Ads Tips With Us!

A great topic for Bing Ads and PPC newbies! If you’re looking to improve your knowledge on Bing ads, read this topic where our members share their top tips and highest performing PPC strategies with everyone! These strategies might save you some serious money in your current or next PPC campaign.

Topic #3: Is Pandemic Affecting The Affiliate Marketing Business?

Is pandemic changing affiliate marketing? Find out as Aversity members share their experience and how their online business is changing. They will also discuss the increase and decrease of some of their business costs which is interesting to learn about.

Topic #2: Best Way to Get Affiliate Sales Using YouTube

YouTube is one of the most effective sources of traffic to generate affiliate sales. In this topic, Aversity members share about their experience with YouTube and how were they able to generate their first affiliate sales on YouTube.

Topic #1: I’m Making $2,000 to $4,000 a Month On Aversity, Here’s How

Finally, the #1 topic of this month is a topic that was started last month by one of our members. In this topic, she explains how is she using the Aversity high ticket affiliate program to make $2,000 to $4,000 a month online. This is our top visited topic and is full of value if you’re looking to start your own online business using Aversity or improve your existing business and maximize its growth.

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