How To Quit Your Job, Buy A New Car & Finally Be Free (with Clickbank)

What would your life be like if YOU were the one taking an Uber to that cozy bistro near the beach shore, instead of being the Uber driver?

Where would you travel to afterward?

What new laptop would you get?

What nicer apartment would you move into?

In 2014, after my friend pulled up in his shiny new car to say ‘hi’ while I took a lunch break at my minimum wage job, I asked him what he did to get it.

He said two words: internet income.

Next thing you know, I take the extremely slow bus ride home and do a Google search to learn about this amazing affiliate marketing game. That same week I opened a Clickbank account.

As they say, the rest is history.

However, I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning and while it wasn’t easy even with some guidance, it was definitely worth it, because today I live very comfortably helping others also live the online freedom lifestyle, even if they’re total beginners.

I am so grateful to be alive in the internet age and be where I am today, that I wanted to cut out all the fluff and show you this easy 3-step path to get you started THIS WEEKEND.

While you won’t likely make six figures a month as I do in the first year, I believe anybody reading this has what it takes to at least DOUBLE their income and leave that crappy job behind — very soon.

It’s 100% digital so you can’t break anything by getting started right away.

1. Open a ClickBank Account

Clickbank is a marketplace. No, you don’t buy shoes and watches there…

…think of it as a shopping store for business owners. You go there to look at PRODUCTS that you want to recommend to the public. It costs nothing to sign up and you can have an account in minutes.

No interviews. No sales calls. Easy signup.

ACTION STEP: Stop reading. Go open an account. See ya back here in a few minutes.

I recommend it because it is beginner-friendly. It was recommended to me when I started, so I owe my success to Clickbank. Today, I’m still making passive income from my CB (Clickbank) account, so go for it!

2. Pick A ClickBank Product

Don’t play spin-the-wheel. Either choose something you already know a lot about (so talking about it is easier for you) or stick to the top categories that are proven to sell all the time…

    • HEALTH — Anything related to exercise & fitness, body building, meditation, workouts, health supplements, addictions, beauty, home remedies, keto diet, and more..
    • MONEY — This can be financial services, loans, bitcoin investing, blogging for profits, real estate for beginners, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and more..
    • RELATIONSHIPS — Books and courses on how self-esteem, find a date, improve a relationship, be charismatic, start yoga as a spiritual path to a less stressful life, and more..

People always want to be healthier, make more money or improve themselves and their overall happiness.

However, not all products will be easy to sell. For one, if the vendor doesn’t give you enough info or support to you as the affiliate, you probably want to stay away from that product for now.

You can use the “gravity score” to give you an idea of how well the product is currently doing with other affiliates.

The details of all this are explained in the CB Masters Academy if you’re interested.

3. Start Promoting As An Affiliate Marketer

This is where the “work” takes place.

Think of the word “marketing” as meaning “attract attention”, because you have to develop the skill at this point to grab as much attention as possible.

Because not everyone will buy from you on the first try, you can either ask for their email to contact them again and again (until they either buy or ask to unsubscribe) or simply continue promoting your product to hundreds of new people.

Business is a numbers game, but you aren’t throwing random darts at a wall or using “hope” as a strategy.

There’s a better way. A respectful and non-salesy method. Becoming a digital affiliate marketer is one of the best things I ever did!

If this sounds exciting to you and you are serious about it, I highly recommend my CB Masters Academy course. Got any questions? Contact me today.

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