How I Promote Clickbank Products and Earn $85,000/mo In Commission

Clickbank, with its millions of affiliates and thousands of products, is the biggest affiliate network of all time, yet it’s not clear how a newbie can actually promote Clickbank products and make money from it. In this article, I’ll share examples of Clickbank strategies I’m using for 2 products and will teach you how to promote Clickbank products correctly.

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before we start,

Watch the video below to get a good grip on what you’re about to learn:

Now that you know the basics, let’s get into some details…

This is making me $85,000 a month!

Leverage the affiliate business strategy that is making me over $85,000/mo on AUTOPILOT

The strategy or concept behind promoting Clickbank products successfully is quite simple but here’s the problem: it can change slightly based on each product’s property. As you see, it’s import to understand these things that will change your strategy, before learning the strategy itself.

So what are these product properties and how do you work with them?

Product Landing Page

Product landing page will play a big role in the “how” of your Clickbank campaign. As I’ve explained this in CB Masters Academy in details before, you should always favor products with video sales letters but if the product you want to promote doesn’t have a sales video, you must fell that gap by making a presell video for it.

I’ve included a temple for presell videos in CB Masters Academy, but here’s a very basic outline: First you need to grab their attention, then talk about what worries them and then, how this product can solve their issue and at the end, add your secret ingredient (explained in CB Masters Academy).

Another case of product landing pages can be when the seller has an opt-in page instead of a sales page. I usually try to stay away from products like that.

Product Niche

Another factor that can change your promotion strategy is the niche you’re in. If you’re in a niche where attention span is short and you need to build a lot of trust in a very short time; like weight loss niche; your strategy should also be quick. In this case, you shouldn’t send your traffic to a landing page to collect emails.

Usually, in these cases, I focus on educating my visitors as fast as possible using videos and some good content on a simple site and retarget them if they click on my affiliate links.

This is making me $85,000 a month!

Leverage the affiliate business strategy that is making me over $85,000/mo on AUTOPILOT

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