Fastest Way to Promote Clickbank Products using Bing Ads

Generating Clickbank affiliate commissions from PPC traffic, especially Bing Ads can be a challenge. Besides the fact that you can waste thousands of dollars without getting a single sale, targeting the right audience to sell a Clickbank product can be one of the hardest parts of generating affiliate commissions with Bing Ads.

In this article, you’ll learn from a super affiliate as he shows how is he getting 6x ROI with Bing ads promoting affiliate products in a few steps.

Before we begin, take a moment and watch this important video as Sean Bagheri; a Clickbank super affiliate; shares his first and biggest success element:

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Learn how super affiliates generate 6x ROI on Bing ads promoting Clickbank products!

Bing Pro Tip #1: Negative Keywords

As shown in the video above, negative keywords are your best friends when it comes to promoting Clickbank products using Bing ads. They allow you to clear unwanted keywords and narrow down your keyword targeting more and more.

We recommend checking your keyword search terms at the end of every night and find the keyword you don't want to target, and adding them as negative keyword.

As you build a better database of negative keywords, your ads start to convert better and your CTR will improve, driving the cost of your advertising down significantly.

Keep in mind that your cost per click will improve overtime. If you're paying $2 for a click right now, you won't be paying that in 7 days. Your ad costs will go down as you run your ads more, but it's important to optimize more with negative keywords

Bing Pro Tip #2: Focus on a Few Keywords

Another important optimization method is focusing on a few keywords and letting Bing do the rest for you. We recommend 3 to 7 broad keywords per ad group (that are related to each other), and then letting Bing come up with more keywords while you optimize your ads with negative keywords.

Keep in mind that you might be able to guess what keyword people might search using the keyword planner tool, but you won't know the latest trends. That's why it's important to let the Bing algorithm do its work and find you the best ones.

For example, as an online business education company, we targeted "affiliate marketing courses" and found out that Microsoft ads also recommended "passive income training programs", a keyword that was recently searched and we didn't think of it until it was shown to us!

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