2 Easy Strategies to Promote Affiliate Products for Free in 2022

There is a saying that “if you have to do it, at least do it right” and that very much applies to the free traffic and using it to promote affiliate products.

I’m not a big fan of the idea of free traffic, but if you have to do it for some reason, at least learn it from a super affiliate.

And that’s why we crafted this article!

Welcome! in this article, we’re going to share two effective and free methods to promote affiliate links using free and scalable traffic.

As you can see, there's an important keyword I'm using in this case, and that's "scalability". Something that usually comes with paid traffic sources, such as Google but if done right, you can make your free traffic sources very scalable.

With that being said, let's talk about these 2 traffic strategies that are used by super-affiliates.

Strategy #1: Pinterest Automation

Pinterest is one of our second top referring traffic sources and for our company, it generates over $5,000 a day in sales without costing us anything. The key to success with Pinterest is consistency.

Here's what it means: You need to create a Pinterest account about the subject you'd like to generate traffic for. Then use Canva to create beautiful Pinterest pins and use systeme.io to create a free presell landing page for your affiliate product (all of these tools are free!)

Finally, use a tool like Buffer or Tailwind to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate links and generate those commissions.

Keep in mind that it can take up to 2 months to generate any meaningful traffic from Pinterest, so be patient, and use an automation tool to post at least 10 pins a day with links to your presell landing page.

We recommend scheduling these pins ahead of time when you have time at night. This whole thing can take less than an hour of your day but it can generate some serious traffic and sales to your affiliate products.

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Strategy #2: Creating an Article Publishing Website

This strategy does cost a little bit of money upfront but costs can be avoided with a simple trick and it will pay for itself 10x in a short time.

The idea is to create a website where you begin publishing some articles and also create a system to allow other people to publish articles for free.

Of course, you as the owner of the site have to approve all articles but these types of websites generate traffic slowly over time and will be completely automatic.

As the owner, you can use the website to post banner ads or even text ads in between articles to profit from its free traffic.

But why would anyone want to write for your website?

The answer is simple: SEO

Many people would want to use your website to generate links for their own company and website. The beginnings will be hard (like any free traffic source) as you have to write articles constantly and find people to write for you.

But eventually, you can create a self-service system and automate the entire process.

How do you build this?

You need to signup for Google cloud. Deploy a WordPress website on it (you will get a $300 credit which will make your website free for a long time).

Then use a page builder or a premium theme to make your site look great and finally, use the publisher plugin to allow people to publish content on your site with your permission.

Just like that, you have a website that can automatically accept guest posts.

Write articles once a week and grow your website and at the same time, contact other people and ask them to write for your website for the added benefit of SEO.

Eventually, when enough people are publishing content on your website every day, you can stop writing for it and let the people do the work for you.

You can deploy banner ads, and link ads on the sidebars or inside article content to generate targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

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