How to Promote Affiliate Links With Twitter Advertising

Twitter Ads are one of the most underused sources of traffic and sales in affiliate marketing and you’re about to learn to utilize them in your own online business. In this article, you’ll learn how super affiliates are using this gold mine source of affiliate traffic and why it’s important to start using Twitter Ads as soon as possible in your affiliate marketing business.

Here are topics we’re going to cover in this article:

  • Basics of Twitter Ads
  • Twitter Ad formats
  • Best Twitter Ads practices for affiliate marketing
  • Best way to convert traffic from Twitter Ads to sales
  • Your product is everything

So let’s talks about the basics of Twitter ads. In order to get started with Twitter ads, you will need a Twitter profile and some actual time on Twitter. Twitter doesn’t allow brand new accounts to advertise unless you get special permission from them which is hard to acquire if you’re not representing a big company.

Basics of Twitter Ads

If you don’t have a Twiter account yet, create an account, follow at least 30 people on your first day. Then on the second day, start liking some posts and replying to some others. Basically, build some history for your Twitter account.

You will need to do this for at least 5 to 10 days to start advertising on Twitter which is completely fine since you can focus on your Twitter account and get it Ad ready.

Get Your Twitter Account Ad Ready

By this, I mean add a nice profile and banner picture. For this, you can use a tool like canva.com to create amazing graphics for your Twitter account. I made a full video about Canva on my YouTube Channel a while ago showcasing its features. You can watch it here.

Canva isn’t just for creating Twitter banner images. It can be used to create anything from Facebook ad images and covers to YouTube cover images and company banners. It’s a great tool and you should discover it for yourself when you get a chance…

Here’s Everything you should do on your Twitter account if you have a brand new account or your account isn’t eligible for Twitter ads yet:

  • Have a cover image
  • Have a profile image
  • Have a simple bio
  • Add a website URL if you have any
  • Follow at least 30 people
  • Share useful articles once a day
  • Like and comment on other Twits to get some followers
  • Upload some photos and videos
  • Do these for 10 days and you should be good to go

Twitter Ad Formats

At this moment, there are 10 different ad formats you can use on Twitter, but we’re going to cover only 2 ad types: Image Website Card and Plain Text Tweet ads. These are the types of adds we will use to promote affiliate links.

plain text ads

Image card ads

Best Twitter Ads Practices for Affiliate Marketing

It’s time to talk about some Twitter ad strategies and practices for affiliate marketing. Before I get into the details, watch the video below to get some basic knowledge on this matter:

You can watch the step 2 of the video above here

Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about the best practices. Twitter has much easier rules on affiliates, as long as you’re not spamming it or promoting your affiliate link directly. With that being said, let’s talk about the best way to convert traffic from Twitter Ads to sales.

Best Way to Convert Traffic from Twitter Ads to Sales

In my experience with Twitter ads, the best way to convert a Click on Twitter ads to sale is to use a presell page without any opt-ins. This means that you should have a compelling presell page that will convince someone to buy your product (or even join your list, if that’s your objective).

If you’re an Aversity Gold Masterclass member, you already have access to such material so you won’t have to create it yourself but if you’re promoting a random Clickbank product, you need to create a presell page for it.

Don’t be lazy with your presell pages! Spend time on them and create a great article and video to convince someone to buy the product you’re promoting and don’t even try promoting affiliate links on Twitter without a presell page, you’ll just waste your money.

Example of a presell page provided for Aversity Gold Masterclass members to earn big commissions.

Example of a presell page provided for Aversity Gold Masterclass members to earn big commissions.

Your Product is Everything

I can’t stress enough how important it is to promote a product that will actually make you money as an affiliate.

For example, when you promote a Clickbank product, you might earn $25 in commissions per sale, but when you promote a high ticket program like Aversity, you can earn up to $3,000 per sale online. That’s why the high ticket products are an important part of any successful online business and you must include it in your own business if you’re planning to make it.

Earn Up to $3,000 a Day

If you’d like to join a program that will give you the top of the line affiliate marketing and online business, gives you 1-on-1 phone coaching, access to a community of experts and more importantly, the system to help you earn high ticket commissions up to $3,000, you should consider joining Aversity Gold Masterclass. Click the button below to learn more about high ticket sales…

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