Step by Step Guide to Promote Affiliate Links For Free

I’m generally are not a big fan of free traffic and affiliate strategies, but if there’s a great way, I don’t shy away from it! In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how super affiliates drive targeted and scalable free traffic to their affiliate links and use the free traffic to promote products and generate affiliate commissions, all for free!

Before we begin, take a moment to watch this detailed training video as Sean Bagheri explains this affiliate strategy in details:

This entire strategy starts with a Pinterest account. The idea is to publish Pinterest pins on autopilot, and have them drive organic traffic to our landing pages.

This idea works in theory but it comes a problem when you realize that you will have to publish at least 5 pins a day, which makes it hard to do manually.

This is where the automation comes in...

The idea is to create a Pinterest account, then use Canva to create the pins and finally, use Buffer to automate the publishing process.

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Before you go out and start publishing pins on Pinterest, you should keep a few important Pinterest strategies...

#1: Drive Traffic to a Post!

One of the biggest Pinterest marketing mistakes is driving traffic to a landing page or a sales page. Keep in mind that people on Pinterest are looking for ideas and answers, not a specific solution.

So use a tool like Systeme.io to create a funnel and a blog so you can use Pinterest the way you should: Use a blog post to drive traffic to a funnel!

#2: Have a Schedule

It can take up to 30 days for you to get any meaningful results from Pinterest, so remember to have a schedule and stick to it!

Post at least 5 times a day and automate it using Buffer to make it easier to manage.

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