Here Are The Most Profitable and Proven Niche Markets Of This Year

Choosing a niche is as hard as promoting a product. You need to know the niche well enough to build a promotion campaign for it and at the same time, it has to be a viable niche that you can actually profit on.

In this article, I’ll share this year’s top affiliate marketing niches and share my promotion strategy with them but before we get started, watch the video below to get a preview of what you’re about to learn:

When it comes to choosing a niche, it’s important to find one that has these 3 properties:

  • There isn’t too much competition
  • You’re comfortable promoting those products (morally and ethically)
  • and the niche has a potential and can or will make you money (or there are enough people in that niche to buy your product)

So let’s talk about some common niches first. For the sake of this article and to make this as simple as possible, I’m going to use the Clickbank affiliate network product categories.

Health & Beauty Niche

This niche is simply the biggest niche of all time because people around the world spend an incredible amount of money on their well being (duh). Health and beauty niche is a billion dollar industry and anything related to it will sell like a hot cake assuming it’s a decent product and it’s marketed correctly.

The best way to sell products in this niche is sending traffic to videos and presell pages directly and hoping for the best unless you are promoting a very well branded product and you can do creative things with it.

Dating and Love Niche

Dating is another niche that men and women around the world spend a considerable amount of money on daily basis. Although this is a market mostly for men, training, products, and services sold in this niche go for up to $10,000 in some cases.

Promoting dating products is one of the easiest ways to earn affiliate commissions because dating niche doesn’t need that much of convincing or work.

Online Business & Marketing Niche

The name explains it. Some of the biggest businesses in the world are based on this niche and this is the to go niche for any new affiliate marketer.

In the next part of this article,

I’m going to reveal 3 of the less common niches with campaign examples, so stay tuned for the next one,

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