Should You Use PLRs? (Dangers and Benefits)

Top marketers, big gurus, and large companies use PLRs on a regular basis to generate more traffic, sales, and conversions. In this article, you’ll learn about the dangers of PLRs to your online business.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR content such as articles or videos (courses) is not a new concept in content marketing, but if used right, it can be fuel your content marketing success.

PLRs are basically the right or license that you buy where you are allowed to edit, add, and publish the article as your own in your blog or courses. You can include your own brand name as the owner and basically make it yours.

PLR content is cheap to purchase (courses and articles) and is an affordable way to add valuable content to your company’s portfolio or course.

Now that you know the basics, let’s find out where do you buy PLRs, where should you be using them, and the most effective strategies to get the most out of them for maximum conversions and leads…

Where can you buy PLRs?

There are hundreds of PLR reselling websites. A simple Google search for “Buy PLRs” can yield dozens of websites that sell PLR content, anything from videos and courses to articles.

For example, we use master-resale-rights.com for our own PLR needs and purchases. This website provides thousands of PLR packages such as ready to deploy courses, articles, and eBooks for your marketing needs in different niches, from marketing to health and weight loss.

Where should you use PLRs?

PLRs must be used very carefully. With the new Google updates, PLRs contents can’t be simply copied and pasted over your blog for better SEO ranking.

You’ll need to change them, optimize them, and more importantly, make them yours. This means that you should use your own branding with PLR content.

An example of the PLR content used right is within the Inner Circle Masterclass program. We use PLRs to create affordable and high-quality front end courses and sell them for less than $10.

Then we sell higher-end courses to the same people who bought the previous program. This strategy is used by top marketers such as Sean Bagheri and is at their center of strategies for earning six and seven-figures online.

Where should you not use PLRs?

As much as PLRs can be helpful, they can be very dangerous to your company.

The first place you should not be using PLRs is in high-end products. If you’re selling a product more than $1,000, you should not include any PLR content in it. This is a dangerous practice since PLR content usually has a very medium level quality and doesn’t match the branding of a high-end product.

PLR content also should not be used in blogs. Google is becoming very clever in detecting duplicate or bad content and PLRs are usually used by dozens of people, if not thousands. If you’re planning to use PLRs in your blog, make sure you change it enough to make it an entirely different article.


PLRs are a great tool to grow your business quickly. As I mentioned before, you can use PLRs to build a successful affiliate marketing business, by providing them as a bonus, or as a stand-alone product to build a list of customers and sell more affiliate products to them in near future.

If you want to learn how super affiliates are using PLRs to generate six and seven-figures on affiliate networks such as Clickbank or Aversity, I recommend joining the Inner Circle Masterclass by Sean Bagheri.

This program will teach you the most effective affiliate marketing and online business strategy in the world and provides weekly updates and an amazing community to help you build your successful online business as fast as possible.

You will also have access to dedicated 1-on-1 coaching on Aversity where you can ask your questions directly from an expert instead of search for answers on Google or even the Aversity forum!

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