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What if there was a way to generates leads, sales and revenue all without having to invest a single penny on customer acquisition or advertising?

It's time to take your online business to the next level, with a brand new type of business that is only used by top earners, and gurus. Don't waste your time looking for customers anymore!

The world of online business is changing, and one of the most effective ways to stay ahead of the competition is to simply join the top earners and use their exact business model.

This business model which is used by top affiliates, and seven and eight figure earners is the only way to create a sustainable online business that will pay you consistent revenue every day, without any massive management costs.

What makes this business model powerful is the fact that it pays you even if you don't generate any sales or leads, so your revenue isn't tied to members and can't be effected by a bad month.

Introducing Aversity Platinum Masterclass...

Aversity Platinum Masterclass is a revolutionary online business training course that will teach you to build an eight-figure online business that grows by itself without any advertising costs and pays you massive commissions, from monthly subscription revenue to high ticket sales and leads (which you can sell) without having to run any advertising or creating any funnels for products. You can simply plugin any affiliate link in the system to generate affiliate commissions.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join

Here's a quick list of what you get when you join the Platinum Masterclass. Make sure to check out the section below for more details on the bonus courses and other features of the Platinum Masterclass.

Full Access With Weekly Updates

You'll get access to the Platinum Masterclass program and all of its weekly updates. This includes all of the tools, new modules and everything that comes with the program. Nothing is off limit!

All Access to Other Aversity Courses

Platinum Masterclass will grant you Platinum Membership level. This will give you access to ALL Aversity courses which worth thousands of dollars, and access to high ticket commissions.

Dedicated 1-on-1 Coaching

We won't leave you alone! Aversity is known for its dedicated coaching, and with the Platinum, you'll get our top rated coaching access and support, which will help you kickstart your business very quick.

High Ticket Commissions (Up to $7,000)

Another perk of being a Platinum member is earning high ticket sales! Aversity Platinum members can earn commissions up to $7,000 per every single sale they generate.

Here’s what people are saying about Platinum Masterclass

Aversity Platinum Masterclass has over 4,000 successful members and is creating a new success story every single day. See what some of our members have to say about Platinum Masterclass:

Carl Howard

Platinum Member

I didn't even think this could be possible

The platinum masterclass opened my eyes to a business model that I never thought of. This is actually very interesting and what makes it even better is the fact that this business doesn't take too much of my time.

Ray Numan

Platinum Member

It makes everything too easy...

I was able to generate about 20k on my month just from subscriptions, and I made an extra 45k from selling leads. Sales are also coming every day and I'm not even spending a dollar on ads or selling any products.

Hannah Bittner

Platinum Member

This level of business is something new to me

I never though that I would be managing a business like this in 100 years! It's generating so many sales that it's making it almost to easy and it never dies. There's always a new wave of sales, customers and leads and I'm not even doing any ads.

What's inside each module?

Here's a quick explanation of what's inside each module of the Platinum Masterclass program and how it'll help you build and grow your online business.


Module 1: Understanding The Business

3 hours of detailed training with examples, to teach you the basics of this business model, how it'll generate leads, revenue and will help you to manage a business rather than working on it to generate traffic and sales. This module is your introduction to the world of advanced online business and massive traffic and sales generation.


Module 2: Fundamentals of Your Network

7+ hours of detailed training to help you build the foundation of your traffic and lead generation network in details you've never seen. In this module, the instructor will build a network with you as you go through the program with him and you can reach out to your dedicated coach for more help if needed.


Module 3: Creating The Basics of Your Network

4 hours of detailed hands on training to help you build the basics of your lead generation and sales generation network and get its functionalities ready for the most important stage of your business to start serving members, clients and affiliates in order to snowball your business to success.


Module 4: Creating Your Internal Systems

5 hours of detailed content with dedicated coaching support to create the final systems and pages of your lead and sale generation network. These pages will be the core of your business and where your members will interact and work, manage their accounts, earn, pay and get paid.


Module 5: Campaign Models and Strategies

Over 3 hours of detailed training content with examples to learn different campaign models and strategies that you can use to monetize your network. Anything from basic lead generation to advanced business models, sales, engagement funnels and subscription business models for maximizing your network's performance.


Module 6: Ready to Deploy Campaigns

Over 6 hours of detailed training with the tools, and pages you need to deploy done for you and proven campaigns on your network without having to build and test them from scratch. This will also help to kickstart your network as fast as possible without creating the feeling of a dead network for your clients and affiliates.


Module 7: Creating Custom Campaigns

Over 4 hours of detailed training content to teach you to create, test and deploy your own campaigns on your network. The idea with this is to give you the ability to promote and sell any product you want online, no matter the type, or the niche using the most effective campaign possible. This module will make you a super affiliate!


Module 8: Improvements and Updates

The ever updating module of this program where we post weekly webinars, answer your questions with hands on examples and will post video updates about the newest methods to improve your network's efficiency and grow your revenue.


Module 9: Member Acquisition

Finally, the most important module of this program with over 10 hours of detailed training content to teach you the most effective and affordable ways to bring members to your networks to generate traffic, leads and sales. This module is updated with new videos every month.


Receive $4,994 Worth of Bonuses When You Join Platinum Masterclass

The Platinum Masterclass will give you access to $4,994 worth of bonuses on Aversity. These are real courses, with real prices that you can check on Aversity's courses page, not hypothetical prices we gave them to boast the value of the bonuses.

Bonus 1: $3,497 Value
Done For You Online Business Program

The Done For You Online Business program is Aversity's most popular program, which will give you proven funnels to deploy and build your online business in minutes.

As a Platinum member, you'll get FULL access to the Done For You program and all of its features and updates to help you create additional sources of revenue. Done For You program is also a great addition to the Platinum Masterclass and can be easily integrated with your network.

Bonus 2: $500 value
The Inner Circle Masterclass Program

The Inner Circle Masterclass is one of the most advanced affiliate marketing courses in the world. This courses focuses on teaching the methods used by super affiliates to generate sales.

The Inner Circle Masterclass will give you the ability to create products that can be used as a tripwire to promote more products in future, an effective marketing method that goes perfectly well with the network you're going to create using the Platinum Masterclass course.

Bonus 3:$997 value
Gold Masterclass and All Other Courses

The Gold Masterclass is Aversity's most popular affiliate marketing training course, and world's most popular affiliate marketing courses with over 35,000 members.

As a Platinum Member, you'll access Gold Masterclass, all of its updates and more importantly, all other Aversity courses. Usual Gold Members don't have such access, but as a Platinum Member, you will basically have access to all current and future courses.

About The Course Teacher,
Sean Bagheri

Sean Bagheri is the CEO and the founder of Aversity Inc. One of the biggest online business education companies in the world. After Aversity, he founded Actionate Inc., world's first ever pay per engagement affiliate network.

In this program, Sean will share the knowledge that led him to create Actionate, an affiliate network that generates over $350,000 in sales, and $540,000 in subscription revenue.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Want to know a bit more? Here's what our latest members think about Platinum Masterclass instructor, Sean Bagheri:

Jason Lane


Sean always provide value, in every single video

I used to follow Sean on YouTube for a couple of months and I was impressed with the level of details he shows on his YouTube videos. I joined Aversity and was blown away with his programs.

Lesa Svingala

Marketing Manager

He knows how to actually teach

Sean is among few people that I know online that can actually teach you something without creating more confusion. I love his teaching style and Platinum Masterclass is a great example of it.

Eshean Aldworth

New Aversity Member

Sean's programs are one of a kind

I recently joined Aversity and bought almost every course that Sean has to offer because of his skills as a teacher. His instructions are clear and easy to follow in every program.

Light Years Ahead...

Platinum Masterclass isn't just a program to teach you build a successful business. It's all about access. The access to the top experts of the industry, dedicated coaching, done for you content, a business model that can generate millions a year, and more importantly, direct access to top earners of the industry.

The business you're about to build is one of the most powerful ways to generate a significant amount of traffic, leads and sales in a short time and not many online businesses in this industry can make a claim like this and deliver like Platinum Masterclass. Platinum Masterclass membership is the type of membership that includes everything from the top training in the industry, to the direct access to the experts you need to create a successful online business in a short time.

Dedicated 1-on-1 Coaching, Industry's Top Coaching Program

We're not going to leave you alone. The Platinum Masterclass is known for its top level dedicated coaching. We're going to make it our mission to build you a successful business from the moment you join.

The support and coaching you're about get is one of the rarest things you'll ever see in this industry, from direct phone and video calls, to emails and even hands off approach to building your business if you need it. 

Here are more people like you who have joined the program recently...

As a Platinum member, you can publish your experience on YouTube and let us know to add your testimonial to this page! Visit your Aversity dashboard to learn about our testimonial program.

Matt Thompson

New Member

The amount of detail in the program is mind blowing

I recently joined the Platinum program and all I can say is that my mind is blown. The amount of detail in this program and other programs that Sean provides in Aversity is really something that I've never seen before in my life.

Collins Parker

3 Year Member

Recently upgraded to platinum, all I can say is wow!

I've been an Aversity member since the beginning of this company but recently circled back and upgraded to the Platinum Masterclass. I've paid thousands of dollars for programs in the past few years and the Platinum Masterclass has taken everything to another level for me.

Robert Garcia

New Member

Aversity has lifted my expectations when it comes to online courses

When I see Aversity videos and the content inside each module of the Platinum program, all I can think of is the quality that Aversity team provides when it comes to the knowledge they provide. They have lifted my expectations when it comes to online courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to Platinum Membership?

You'll have unlimited access to Platinum Masterclass forever. The membership never ends and you never stop learning new things to improve your online business.

How long does it take to start earning with Platinum?

Members usually start earning within a month or two after following the Platinum Masterclass's instructions. 

Is there a payment plan option available?

Unfortunately, we don't provide payment plans for the Platinum Masterclass as most of the fees from each member will be paid to their coaches to provide the dedicated coaching experience they deserve. 

How often Platinum Masterclass is updated?

On average, Platinum Masterclass is updated twice every week with new content, member webinars and etc...

Do I need some experience to start with Platinum?

No you don't. Platinum Masterclass is designed for both beginners and experts. The instructions are easy to follow and even if you need help, you'll have a dedicated coach to help you move forward.

I'm not an existing member, can I still join?

Yes, you don't need an existing Aversity account to join the Platinum Masterclass and you can join the program directly from this page.

Unlimited Power of Revenue and Income...

Only a few lucky people in the world will get the chance to come across a program like the Platinum Masterclass of Aversity where they learn to build a truly life changing business from a person who's doing the exact same thing, and earning over a million dollars a month from two websites. The Platinum Masterclass is your chance at a serious and successful business. Don't miss it. The registration is open for 30 days every year. If you see a button that takes you to the registration form, get in before it's too late. We look forward to seeing you inside.