What Makes The Perfect Domain Name

You’re starting a new business and you can’t wait to get your website launched. Soon after starting, however, you get stuck. You have to register a domain name and you don’t know what to choose.

It’s a common problem and even if you already have a solid business name, turning it into a domain isn’t always easy. Here we take a look at what makes the perfect domain name and the common mistakes you need to avoid.

It looks good without capitalization

The world of social media shows that people don’t always read things as you intend them to. One famous hashtag on Twitter was #susanalbumparty which many people read differently than the intended Susan Album Party. This has happened with domain names as well such as whorepresents.com, which is meant to read as Who Represents.

Before confirming your domain name, make sure it looks good in all case settings. People can read things differently, so it’s a good idea to get a second pair of eyes to check it out.

It’s short

Something like kellyswaxcandlesperfumesandbathbombs.com may perfectly sum up what you sell but it not only looks messy. It’s also hard to read and can be easily misspelled.

When making a domain, you should keep it short. Think of the most popular websites off the top of your head. You’ll probably come up with Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon among others. They are all very short. Try and keep your domain to a maximum of three words.

It looks great in marketing

You will want to be able to tell people about your website so it should sound good as well as looking good on written materials. If you create business cards through the likes of businesscards.co then you’ll want to put your website on there. You want people to take one look at it and easily type it into their browser.

A big mistake to avoid is doubling up letters such as milwaukeeearphones.com as it just looks bad, and again, it’s easy to mistype. Before settling on a domain you want to ensure that it looks good everywhere.

There are some other mistakes to avoid too such as homophones, which are two words that sound the same but have different meanings such as ate/eight, to/two, and hour/our unless the context is absolutely clear.

It uses .com

There are so many suffixes that you can use now on websites that it makes it very tempting to use one. Some brief examples are .clothing, .repair, .technology and .yoga but you should avoid them all.

Why? Well, it simply adds an extra layer of complexity that you just don’t need. Using a .com just keeps it simple, which is one of your key aims with a domain. It also looks professional and is by far the most commonly used domain.

It’s future proof

A website like harrietsvintagedresses.com may seem like a good idea but it locks you into only ever selling vintage dresses. If you then diversify to sell other types of vintage clothing then the domain suddenly becomes confusing and outdated. You want your domain to stand the test of time.

It avoids competition

Finally, you don’t want to step on the toes of any competition. You should research to see if there are any other similar domains to the ones you’re trying to set up. Added to that, it’s also good to search social media as you may see that someone else has already set up a business with the same name. You also don’t want your domain to be too similar to a registered trademark, as that may cause legal issues.

Article by Mamie Moore

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  • Added to that, it’s also good to search social media as you may see that someone else has already set up a business with the same name.

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