How Much Money You Should Invest In Affiliate Marketing?

Is it possible to start affiliate marketing for free? Yes, maybe. Should you start affiliate marketing without investing any money? Absolutely not!

Today’s video is going to teach you about budgeting in affiliate marketing, how much we recommend you to invest when starting, what to do with your money and how to ensure success with your current budget.

Watch the short video below to learn it all:

We recommend starting with a budget of $2,000 but it should be ok if you have less than that, but we don’t recommend budgets below $700.

It’s important to understand that affiliate marketing is a business. Like any business, you’ll have to invest money on tools and will have some business costs but unlike any other business you’ll ever invest in, affiliate marketing will cost 100x less!

What should you do with your money?

Invest 25% of your budget on training and education: You need to learn the business and the fastest way to learn it is to join a training program to learn it from an expert. This will ensure that you don’t waste your time and money on useless practices.

Invest the next 25% on your business tools: In order to automate your online business, you will need to invest in tools such as autoresponders and page builders.

Invest the remaining 50% on advertising and traffic: Traffic is the life of your business and without it, you won’t make a single penny. Invest the rest of your business budget on traffic from platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook.

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