3 Steps to Make Money Online Using a Homemade Brand! – Aversity Podcast EP1

Welcome to the first episode of our brand new show, the Aversity Podcast! In this series, Sean Bagheri and some other guests, managers, and coaches from our company will provide you with useful online business tips to help you build and grow your online business. Listen to the first episode:

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Inner Circle Masterclass Course (special discount)

Full Episode Transcript:

Hi everyone, what’s going on and welcome to Aversity’s podcast.

This is Sean Bagheri, CEO and founder of Aversity and this is our first episode, the first episode of this podcast.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a moment to talk about this podcast and explain exactly what is my goal here and what is the plan. And then we’re gonna get into the first podcast the first subject the first subject that I want to talk about in the first episode of our podcast. So today is January 3rd. It’s been three days since the new year and I just came up with this idea to make these podcasts for you guys to talk about business online businesses maybe drop some tips and just get comfortable talking about business.

So don’t forget to leave us some comments and let us know how you feel about these podcast, let us know what you want us to talk about in next episodes. And also I’m planning to bring a lot of people to this to this podcast this is the first episode. I’m just kind of going with it and I have some subjects to talk about. I have it right in front of me and yeah so we’re gonna bring a lot of people in this podcast to hopefully talk about some really cool stuff. All right so let’s get it started again.

I’m going to do an episode every single day. Hopefully I can do this. You know I’m not sure exactly if it’s possible for me to do something like this every single day because I have a very busy schedule every single day so yeah. So we’ll see how it goes. I hope so yeah that’s the plan. My plan is to just bring a lot of people to this podcast maybe answer a lot of your questions so let us know how you feel about this. So let’s talk about the subject of today which is using a brand to make money online and basically establishing your brand. But know when it comes to starting a brand a lot of people think that it’s really hard and people freak out when they hear about starting a brand. They think that you have to spend a lot of money to start a brand you develop it.

In reality it’s really not like that and it’s it and I get why. Because when we see brand people immediately start thinking about billion dollar companies or multimillion dollar companies. So it’s kind of it’s that monster in our head right. But in reality basically especially especially with what we have today you know the access to internet and tools that we have at our disposal. It’s super easy to build a brand and just profit from it. Now it’s not just every brand this is a business brand right. Online business. Imagine you want to just build a brand that pays you makes you money. And there’s a lot of ways to do that. So this is something we talk about a lot inside our Inner Circle program. I’m going to leave links for you guys you can check it out.

But starting a brand is not that complicated especially if you’re doing it to make money with affiliate marketing. In case if you don’t know what’s the affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is basically where you as an affiliate sell other people’s products and earn a commission on the sell. Let’s say you sold a 200 dollar product you get 100 dollar or 150 dollar commission because you sold that product.

So that’s called affiliate marketing, it doesn’t it doesn’t need any inventory you don’t have to buy stuff from China or you know it’s not e-commerce. It’s completely different. And it’s one of the most popular business types in the world. So our company Aversity is completely based on affiliate marketing, we teach affiliate marketing, we have a platform and all that stuff. Now when it comes to selling affiliate product, that’s where things get complicated.

That’s where we have a lot of training programs and everything that help people to make money online using affiliate marketing. But when it comes to selling affiliate products and profiting from them we need to understand is that you need to build a core for every affiliate product that you promote. Let me explain. So let’s say you want to promote a weight loss product. Yes you could you know get the link maybe make some basic videos about it or share it somewhere do some advertising basic ads you know generate some leads to get sells it is possible. It’s not that easy. Because some people just kind of portray it in a way that is just super easy.

In reality it’s not easy. OK. It requires a lot of work that it’s business you know business requires work it’s not like a one button moneymaking system this is another big misunderstanding that I’m going to when in future episodes. So it requires some work but when you have a brand when you build your brand it’s gonna be a hundred times easier for you to basically promote anything you want. Allow me to explain. So the idea here is that imagine you have an existing customer base that you can sell products to instead of just picking a product and going out looking for the audience.

That’s why super affiliates and people like me are very successful in promoting products because they already have an audience they already know exactly how do we how are we supposed to sell products. And we just have it all set up in place ready to go. And that’s the difference between a super affiliates and just people who are brand new. They’re just trying to make a buck online right. So you need to have an existing audience.

That’s the key and that’s where the brand comes in. OK. That’s where having a brand is very very profitable because what you could do when you have a brand is you can just plug the product in there and just make money immediately. So how do you do this. How do you as a brand new marketer or brand new entrepreneur build a brand and profit from it. That’s keeping my men again. You don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on building a brand.

You can literally do it from your laptop or computer in the home. This is how it works. There are three crucial elements to building a brand online. And I’m going to explain them. So number one is a website. All right. Now again these are things that we talk about in so inner circle I’m gonna leave a link for you you can check them out but these are three elements. Number one is a website. So you need a website that you can control because a lot of people you know start from other stuff let’s say they start from a YouTube channel or something like that. That’s a mistake.

You know I’m gonna talk about YouTube channels right now. But that’s a mistake because what you need to do is you need to be able to control the core of your brand and the core of your brand is a website not a YouTube channel because the youtube channel can be closed immediately. You know YouTube can make a mistake or you can do something bad and they just can close your account and you’re going to basically lose your entire business because you based everything on your YouTube channel. You basically put all of your eggs in one basket. You don’t want to do that.

So a website is very important. You know you don’t have to be a professional blogger publish one article a week or maybe two a month. You know that’s one every two weeks. Not really that hard. Spend some time with you know in one of our programs. Again this is like the inner circle masterclass program, I was talking about the writing blog posts and writing really good quality blog posts I was mentioning that you don’t have to spend hours and hours every day.

What you could do is you could spend 30 minutes in one day to write and develop an article. So I imagine you do this for seven days. You spent three and half hours on an article three and a half hours to write a really good article and you this could happen you know most of our really really good articles like our long Clickbank articles. That’s how I personally wrote them. I spent like 30 to 45 minutes a day on them. I didn’t finish it in one day. I just spent some time on it and after a while, every single day I just added more stuff and more stuff to the article.

And finally in seven days in 10 days 15 days had this really long and detailed article about the subject see guys this is how it works. You need to just go at it slow so you could do that. You could probably publish is really nice post once every two weeks or something like that. Really not that hard. Even if you’re not a writer, you could make it happen. Really. OK. So that’s that. That’s number one.

The second thing is you need to build a community around your website. This is where things get really really interesting. OK. So the first thing is you need to actually get people in your community. And I should that’s the third thing. OK. We’ll all talk about it. So the second thing you need to have a community. You could start the Facebook group. OK. So let’s say your blog is about health and weight loss. Something like that. Right. So that’s your blog you know you’re publishing a nice article about some popular subject, it’s some really interesting subject, something that people want to read once every two weeks and next step the second step is basically create a Facebook group. OK.

The idea here is that you want that you want to build a community so people can talk. Make sure you don’t advertise in these communities. I. Just keep it very nice you know don’t be promotional. Keep it clean and simple. So when you have a Facebook of the one thing that happens up Facebook automatically starts showing your group to people who are interested in that niche. So you’re gonna get traffic from Facebook group to your website. And traffic from you know your Web site to your Facebook again.

It’s like a circle. Right. So the whole point behind having a community is to start a conversation around your brand. So let’s say that’s your website right after let’s say in a month you get 100 people in your community and your Facebook community. Right. And then you publish a really nice long article detailed article and you post it in there and you say hey people check out this article that we just published let us know what you think about it. Again you’re starting a conversation around your brand.

[00:11:24] So this is how it works guys. This is how it works. So that’s the second step. Having a community around your website. So that’s basically where people talk to each other. In our case we actually have both. We have a Facebook group and also we have a forum. If you go to forum.aversity.com you’re going to see it that we have a forum. So we do both of them. So that’s that. That’s the second step.

The third step is just amplifying the whole thing your community and your brand which is using social media and YouTube in this case. You say you could start making videos again. There are a lot of different formats. that you can use to videos. You can record yourself doing it. You could pay someone else you could make slider videos you could make animation videos however you want to do it. It’s really not that hard if you want to do it. It’s super easy. You can take a five dollar course on Udemy to figure it out.

Not that hard. So yep start building a YouTube channel around your brand. So now to see what you have to pay attention you have a website that you’re publishing really good content. You have a Facebook community and then you have a youtube channel and you’re sending traffic to all of them at the same time. So you’re sending traffic from your YouTube channel to your Facebook community and to your website and then from your website you’re sending into your Facebook community and YouTube and from your Facebook community you’re sending it to your youtube channel and website.

See it’s like a circle right back and forth and then people engage with you on this level. You know they go to your site. They go to your Facebook. They go to your youtube channel they just feel there’s a circle here. They start trusting you. They start paying attention to what you have to say. And this is where you build an audience and it’s going to happen automatically.

All you got to do is just let the conversation happen in Facebook published good content on your website once in a while and make some good videos on your YouTube channel and automatically you’re going to start building a brand a community around your brand. And let’s say you find a good product that you want to promote. Obviously finding a good product is another thing because you want to make sure they promote good products. Otherwise people are going to be mad at you and they’re not going to trust you anymore so that’s a very big responsibility you want to choose a good product when you’re promoting it but you have this audience, hungry audience in your niche ready to buy and they all listen to you and look up to you because you own the community you own the brand how powerful is that.

You can immediately start selling products and have to go out to do advertising or even if you do you’re doing advertising to build your community not advertising for another company to sell their product and this way you can just instantly make cells and make a lot of money selling a affiliate products. You can make money in your sleep so this is how it works.

The power of building a brand. It’s just absolutely amazing. This is how my business changed I started making a lot more money when I did this when I implemented this in my business and my life and just it’s life changing. All you gotta do is just do it. You know don’t be scared. Spend some time you don’t have to work 24 hours you don’t have to just kill yourself working on this just spend some time you know to be dedicated but be proficient, you don’t have to work 20 hours a day.

Just be effective be productive and just make it happen. OK. As I said you don’t want to spend hours a day working on something just maybe 45 minutes a day or an hour a day that’s not a lot. Right. Because I know most of the people who are listening to are just working, you’re busy with your life so it’s not it’s not good of me to ask you hey work 20 hours on your business because it’s not possible. Right. So you want to spend some time on this every single day. And when you do this you know the cool thing is that when you spend like an hour a day on your content after awhile like after seven days you have a good article or nice video.

What happens is that you’re going to see that you spent seven days to write this or spend seven days to make this video and you really have this amazing and perfect content high-quality stuff because that’s all about it’s you know becoming a really big brand in this business is all about quality of your content. So when you spent like multiple days even small hours right even when you spend multiple days on something it just becomes really good and high quality because you’re just coming back to it every single day and improving it as you move forward right.

So you just come up with really amazing articles amazing videos and you just blow everyone away and you start just growing your business immediately. So you guys this is my advice for today. Let us know if you have any questions let me know if you want what you want to talk about in the next episodes. All right. I hope you guys are having a good day I hope you I wish you a really good year because you just turned 2019 so it’s absolutely amazing.

I’m really excited about what is going to happen to my company this year and I hope you guys are excited too. I’m going to leave a couple of links for you under this. You know if you’re watching it on our site should be linked on here. Also if you’re watching it on YouTube, in the description you can find the links for you to check out the program if you want to get started.

Learn more about these things and also if you’re watching it on other platforms you can go to our website Aversity.com and go to the cautious section to find the program I was talking about the inner circle masterclass. So thank you for watching this. Thank you so much for being here. It’s funny because I’m used to saying thank you so much for watching here and watching this video because I’ve been making videos all day and this is a podcast so that’s kind of funny.

So thank you so much for listening to this podcast. And I’ll see you next episode tomorrow.

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