Make Money Online: How to Turn $9 Into $900

In order to start an online business and make money, you’ll usually need a series of websites and tools but what if there was a way for you to start a business with $9 without having to pay for a website, extra tools, or anything like that? In this article, you’ll learn how over 20,000 people are using an amazing tool to earn thousands of dollars every day.

The tool and the system I’m going to share with you here is responsible for over 8 million dollars in commissions and can easily make anyone money if used right.

The Strategy

Before I start explaining the tools we’re going to use, allow me to explain the strategy and the idea behind this business model and what it works so well.

The idea behind this strategy is this: We’re going to use Pinterest to drive free traffic to Aversity articles using the special links given to us inside Aversity’s affiliate program. Aversity affiliate program will convert our traffic to sales, and eventually, those sales will be converted to high ticket sales.

So for example, a link you shared on Pinterest to an Aversity article (with your own affiliate id attached) can potentially make you up to $4,000 in a single sale. Making this amount of money is only possible thanks to Aversity’s high ticket affiliate program.

What’s a high ticket affiliate program?

A high ticket affiliate program is a high-value affiliate program, designed for only expensive and premium level products to allow its members to earn massive commissions, usually more than $2,000.

Another one of the benefits of Aversity’s high ticket affiliate program is the fact that customers are lifetime and locked to affiliates, meaning that if a customer ends up buying more products after purchasing the initial product, they will still earn commissions on all sales. This will allow you to own the customers you refer, and an unlimited amount of money from them.

How to Turn $9 into $900

What you’re about to learn doesn’t take more than 2o minutes of your time every day, but if done consistently, can make you a significant amount of money. The beginnings of these businesses can be very challenging unless you have a done for you online business so I recommend patience. Take your time, do every step correctly, and try to even get creative with some of the steps (I’ll explain more). Keep in mind that the key to success in anything in life is persistence, so don’t give up to early.

Before you begin reading the step-by-step guide, consider watching this video which will explain the same strategy you’re about to read. Then read the article below it for more details!

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Account

The first step is to create a Pinterest account. Head over to Pinterest.com and open a brand new account. If you already have an account, we recommend creating a second one, separate from your existing one. This will allow you to have a safety net and not lose your existing account in case if you have any issues with Pinterest for posting affiliate links.

Make sure your Pinterest account is a business account. A business account will give you features that personal ones won’t have, such as more advanced integrations and even advertising abilities for the future.

Step 2: Complete Your Pinterest Profile

The next step is to complete your Pinterest profile. Make sure you add a profile picture, a description to your profile, your public address (add a city), and more importantly, a website address. If you don’t have a website, create an account on Medium.com and add your feed URL in there.

Another step we recommend taking is to post a couple of pins on your profile before you start posting your own links and content. The idea is very simple. Browse the Pinterest home page and repin some of the content and images that look interesting and related to you. We recommend internet marketing and online business content.

Step 3: Create Your Aversity Affiliate Account

The next step you need to take is to create an Aversity affiliate account. It takes less than 20 seconds to make an account. Your Aversity account is where you’ll get your links, and get paid for high ticket sales and commissions you’ll be generating. This account will cost you $9 a month but considering how much you can make from it using this Pinterest traffic method, it’ll pay for itself in days.

Step 4: Get Your Links

After opening an account it’s time to get your affiliate links. Hover over the top menu and click the Partner Program, then Click “Affiliate Links“. This will take you to the page where you’ll be able to access your affiliate links.

On the affiliate links section, Click on Gold Masterclass and get the link to the “Main Presell Page”. The idea with this method is to drive traffic from Pinterest to a presell page where you provide valuable information and then a sale will be made. All you’ll do is to drive traffic from Pinterest to your affiliate link.

Step 5: Create Your Pins on Canva

After getting your affiliate links and getting your Pinterest account ready, it’s time to create your Pins. Pins are images that you’ll be posting on Pinterest with your affiliate links. Head over to Canva.com and open an account. Canva accounts are free and won’t cost you anything to use. From the search bar, search for Pinterest Pins, and use the provided templates to create a Pin.

Make sure to use good images and related text in your pins in order to attract more attention and clicks. Based on our experience, Pins with better images and fewer words perform much better. Try to use high-contrast colors and make them stand out.

I also recommend doing a search on Pinterest and seeing which pins get your attention and create your pins based on them.

Step 6: Post Your Pins on Pinterest

The final step is to post your pins on Pinterest with your affiliate links. This step is very easy and takes less than 20 minutes a day. We recommend creating at least 5 pins a day and posting them on your Pinterest account every day until you start seeing some traffic to your affiliate link. You can check your stats inside your Aversity account by visiting the Reports section of your account.

Here are a couple of tips for getting better results with your pins:

Title: Your title is a very important element. It needs to be short but at the same time, attractive enough to encourage people to click. People will see your headline when they hover on your image in search results or when they click your pin, so make sure you come up with something that converts the initial click on Pinterest to a click on your link. I recommend a search on Pinterest to see what titles other pins are using for reference to get some ideas.

Pin Description: Your description is the second most important element after your image. The description is the biggest ranking factor on Pinterest, so make sure you fill it with keywords and at the same time, make it interesting enough for people to read and click on your link. Try using call-to-actions such as “click the link to learn about ABC” to make it more interesting.

Alt-Text: Alt text is a new element on Pinterest that gives you the opportunity to stuff more keywords in your pin. This will also allow you to add more convincing content to get people to click on your link.

Destination Link: This is where you’ll drop your affiliate link. Be sure to add a tracking ID to your affiliate link so you’ll be able to track which Pin is getting you sales. You can do that inside Aversity by visiting the open referral tool.

Schedule Posts: Use this future in case if you don’t have time. This will allow you to schedule posts. For example, if you know you won’t have time tomorrow to post your pins, schedule them for today and have them post automatically. This way, you won’t miss a day and your account keeps getting you traffic and sales.


As you can see, turning $9 into $900 and making a living online is not as hard as some people imagine, it’s all about having the right tools and strategies. If you’re ready to get started, I recommend joining the Aversity affiliate program and using the method to earn passive income online.

Additionally, if you think you need more training and want to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, we recommend joining the Gold Masterclass. The program gives you unlimited access to the affiliate program and will also provide you with a dedicated coach, and the best training content in the world to make you an expert in the affiliate marketing field in a short time.

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