Fastest Way To Make Money On Clickbank For Beginners in 2022

Important Update: We Just Released the Updated Article for 2020. Click here to read the Fastest Way To Make Money On Clickbank For Beginners in 2022

Have you ever wondered how Clickbank super affiliates actually promote Clickbank products and make money? Here’s a no BS guide for you to make money on Clickbank, written by a Clickbank super affiliate.

Writing these articles is becoming a yearly tradition for me. Each year, everyone is waiting for me to publish my new year’s Clickbank article. It’s not easy to write these long articles and explain everything in detail, hell, I almost gave up this year’s article but I got thousands of emails from people asking for this 5-year tradition, so here we are…

Quick Update: It took me 7 days to write this article in such detail and edit it, so don’t forget to leave a comment when you’re done reading it!

One more thing before we start: If you’re too lazy to read this long article or don’t like reading in general, watch this detailed long video that I’ve created only for this article: (it’s pretty awesome!)

Even though that Clickbank isn’t the best place to start affiliate marketing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make good money from it but…

Here’s the ugly truth: Only 1 out of every 200 affiliate marketers actually make it on Clickbank…

Now I know you think me mentioning this isn’t exactly going to help you get excited about the whole thing but believe it or not, the fact that making money on Clickbank is hard is actually good for you…

Here’s why: with what I’m about to teach you here, you’re going to have an unfair advantage to dominate every Clickbank promotion.

Before we start, let me share some of the screenshots of my years on Clickbank with you:

2013 was when I started on Clickbank, and here’s how my numbers looked like:

Wasn’t exactly a great start, but the $18k I made on Clickbank back then was more than my entire yearly income at where I used to work.

It got better next year. I ended up making over 65k so FINALLY, I was ready to quit my job, right?


2015 was my worst year. So bad that I didn’t even screenshotted it!

Then came 2016 and 17 where things got very interesting for me…

I discovered some new strategies that changed my life, my Clickbank business and of course, my bank account size 🙂

So here we are, now it’s at the end of 2018,

2 multi-million dollar companies later and eight figures in commissions from multiple affiliate networks.

I’m teaching you how to be a super affiliate on Clickbank and make a boatload of money, and by the way, here’s the new screenshot of my Clickbank account total this year:

This year, I was much closer to my 1 Million dollars year goal on Clickbank but who cares, because I made much more than that in total on other affiliate marketing platforms.

Now, let’s actually talk about YOU and how someone like you can achieve results like this…

I’m gonna say it before we move forward. It won’t be easy, but it’s not complicated either.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this article:

  • The basics, what is Clickbank?
  • The truth about Clickbank and what you should know
  • How to find the most profitable Clickbank products to promote
  • Tools you’ll need to build your Clickbank business
  • The most effective and easiest way to make money on Clickbank
  • Final ninja Clickbank tips to help you take everything to the next level

The basics, what is Clickbank?

The first thing that comes to mind after hearing the word “Clickbank” is affiliate marketing, but Clickbank is much bigger than that. Clickbank is basically an affiliate network, where product owners publish their programs and products and use its affiliates to get sales, and people like me and you use to find products to promote as an affiliate.

So it goes both ways and it’s important to know that because you could use this in your own business in the future. I’ve explained this in detail in my last year’s Clickbank training article.

Clickbank is a product marketplace for affiliates

As an affiliate marketer, you can get started in less than 5 minutes on Clickbank. Simply, open an account, create your unique affiliate link and send traffic get sales. Clickbank dashboard will also show your earnings in real time. The idea is simple, yet very hard to actually implement.

Most of the people can join Clickbank free and there will be no screening or interviews like some CPA networks. It’s an open and simplified affiliate network for everyone (although I think it’s not available in some countries). You can visit Clickbank.com to create your account.

Clickbank is also a payment/affiliate system for product owners and influencers

As a guru, Clickbank is the best place to get started. It provides everything you need in one place to build a successful online business and sell your product with the help of Clickbank’s affiliates.

Now let’s get into some details…

But before we get started, I want you to watch this very important video…

This video will give you some basics of Clickbank and how super affiliates are making money with it. I’m asking you to watch this because this will allow you to get a hang of the strategy in case if you don’t want to read this entire article or want to learn some of the basics.

The truth about Clickbank and what you should know

I would like to teach you Clickbank the right way, so here’s some cold hearted truth for youYou won’t make a dime on Clickbank if you’re not willing to invest money.

No matter what gurus or marketers tell you, or how hard they try to sell you the “next best thing” or their “free strategies”, you won’t make a dime if you’re not willing to invest time and money.

Don’t believe me? No problem! Go ahead and waste 2 years of your life to do it for free and see what happens. (because I tried and it didn’t work) and if you have no money, wait, save money and get back into it.

Sidenote: In case if you want to learn all of this in details and see it all live in action, you should check out my special training program called the Inner Circle Masterclass.

Anyway, just want to make sure you understand that you are about to start a business. Don’t consider this a hobby or a side income, take it seriously and invest money in it if you want to be financially free.

How to find the most profitable Clickbank products to promote

Choosing the right product is the difference between making or breaking it on Clickbank. A low-quality product will result in refunds, which means you’ll lose your commissions and sales.

So how do you just “know” what product is good? Here’s an old but gold video of me, explaining the best ways to find good Clickbank products:

FYI, here’s an updated list of best Clickbank products to promote this year (the list was published last year, but there’s a link that takes you to this year’s updated list)

To break it down quickly, (in case if you’re lazy to watch the video or check out the list), here’s what do I look for when choosing a Clickbank product:

  1. A Good sales page with a video (or an opt-in funnel with a webinar)
  2. A well attended affiliate section (it shows that owner cares about the product)
  3. Positive reviews directly from customers, not affiliates who are trying to promote it
  4. Owner’s support and responsiveness

Tools you’ll need to build your Clickbank business

Another part of Clickbank business that many people are confused about is tools and what will you actuall need to build a successful Clickbank business and make money on Clickbank.

The problem is that naming tools that I use won’t help you much since you have no idea about the business model or strategy in the first place, so I’m going to name some of the basic ones here until we get into more advanced parts at the end of this article.

Thrive Architect

This tool has saved me over $7,000 so far and it serves a very important purpose in your business: it helps you build beautiful looking landing pages without breaking the bank.

To make this even better, I recommend a full monthly Thrive membership, which costs only $19 a month (for example, Clickfunnel costs $97 to $297/mo and Leadpages cost $37 to $137/mo).

Recommended video: Best Landing Page Builders for Affiliate Marketing

The full membership will give you other things like Thrive leads and themes. These are basically everything you’ll ever need to build and test funnels and pages.

I can spend hours explaining about Thrive but I’m trying to keep this article as short as possible, so I’m going to assume you trust me and would like to save money.

Aweber (Your Autoresponder)

I’ve talked about the importance of email marketing in past, so I’m not going to try to get into it here, but know this: without an email list of customer, you don’t have a business.

Autoresponders will allow you to automate your email marketing so your customers will follow a process without your involvement and you generate sales without having to be in front of your computer, sending emails every second.

Ok, enough talking about tools for now. I know they might confuse you a bit but as you read this article, you’ll learn why it makes sense to have these tools.

The most effective and easiest way to make money on Clickbank

I know, I know, you’ve been waiting for this so I’m not going to make you wait any longer…

To understand how super affiliates are making a boatload of money and you’re not, you need to understand the basic theory of why a restaurant never goes out of business

This might be the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard, but let me explain…

A restaurant will never go out of business (I’m assuming they have decent food and do some decent advertising) because people who buy food usually come back to eat in future.

In fact, a study published on Forbes showed that about 60% of the money a good restaurant makes comes from returning customers.

So why the hell I’m talking about food and restaurant? Because this is how successful affiliates make money on Clickbank. Using returning customers.

Watch my video below to learn some of the basics before I dive further down into this:

Simply put, here’s the fastest way to make money on Clickbank in 2019:

  • Create a front-end product and sell it for under $10
  • Create a list of customers
  • Build a relationship with them using good content
  • Promote Clickbank affiliate products to earn commissions

I’m going to explain each and every single one of these in more details below. So get ready for the important stuff!

Create a front-end product and sell it for under $10

Creating a front product for your own business have many benefits that will help your business grow much faster than the average lead generation funnels. Here are 2 main benefits:

It establishes trust (customer gets comfortable spending money with you): The main objective with a front-end or a tripwire funnel is to establish trust and get your customer comfortable with spending money. This also acts as a filter that allows you to filter out people who are not willing to invest money and looking for free stuff.

It pays for your advertising cost: The second objective is to pay for your advertising cost which goes really nice with this business model. If you invest $100 to get 10 sales at $10 each, you basically paid $0 to get 10 PAYING customers. That’s a great deal to anyone. Then from there, you can get them to buy more products with the right strategy.

Create a list of customers

Everybody talks about the importance of an email marketing and building a list in affiliate marketing, but no one actually says what kind of list.

The simplest way to build a list is to use a squeeze page and an offer to create a small list of people who are looking for free stuff, but that won’t do you any good…

What you need is a list of people who have spent money with you, trust you and are willing to buy your next product if it will help them. This is why you need to create a list of customers.

and guess how can you create a list of customers as fast as possible? by having a cheap front product!

Build a relationship with them using good content

Most people think that building a relationship with an existing customer is easy, but in reality, things are much more complicated.

You need to know and understand your customer on a personal level, their limit, likes and dislikes. This information will help you convert the majority of them into repeat buyers (when you actually sell your Clickbank products).

We use a process like this: (I’ll explain more in a minute)

The screenshot is taken from the Inner Circle Masterclass program, module 5, video 19

We take them through a 6 to an 18-day funnel where we provide more value and hint the upcoming product that we’re going to pitch them at the same time so by the time we send them the new product, they won’t be surprised.

This is a very important and delicate process and there’s a ton of detail in it that you must follow in order to make it work and it’s explained in detail inside the Inner Circle Masterclass program.

Promote Clickbank affiliate products to earn commissions

and finally, it’s time to make money on Clickbank! There is no point of me mentioning this but I’ll say it for the sake of being clear. At the end of your buyer funnel, you’ll sell the Clickbank product you’ve chosen to sell based on your research and the tips I provided at the beginning of this article.

Building an automated Clickbank business like this might feel complicated and confused but when you see it all in action, it’s very easy to duplicated and build.

I would LOVE to see your comments below, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment! Let me know what you think about this year’s Clickbank article, if you got value from it or if you have anything to add to it!

Thank you for reading this article. Don’t forget to join the Inner Circle Masterclass if you’d like to learn this entire strategy in details like you’ve never seen in any program out there.

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    You can search for the problems on Twitter and message people how the product that you are promoting can help them solve that problem. There are great chances they buy the product if the product is helpful.

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    • You can’t share your affiliate links directly on social media. You will need to have your own pages. That’s explained inside the Inner Circle Program.

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