Fastest Way to Make Money On Clickbank: Ultimate Guide By Millionaire

With so many different opinions, so-called strategies, super-affiliates and thousands of videos on YouTube about it, one can wonder what’s really the fastest way to make money on Clickbank this year?

Not only I’m going to teach you the one and best way to make money on CB, but I’m also going to explain in details on WHY this system works, and here’s the crazy part: you don’t even have to pay us a dime if you don’t want to.

So if that sounds good, let me explain how I’m earning Clickbank commissions while I sleep, in detail you’ve never seen anywhere online…

Writing these articles is becoming a yearly tradition for me here. I enjoy doing them but I don’t get anything out of it so just do me a favor and leave a comment at the end to let us know if you enjoyed this article. If you want to take a step further, join the Aversity to learn how the other half is making serious money online!

To teach you every possible detail, I’ve created a detailed training video for you to see everything, click by click, step by step….

So before you continue, watch the video below:

We all know that high ticket affiliate marketing is the way to go and Clickbank isn’t the best place to start affiliate marketing but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make good money from it but…

Here’s the ugly truth: Only 3 to 5 out of every 100 affiliate marketers actually make it on Clickbank…

Now I know mentioning this isn’t exactly going to get excited about Clickbank but believe it or not, the fact that making money on Clickbank is hard is actually good for you… and you’ll find out why at the end of this article.

Before we start, here’s my Clickbank income amount since I started:

  • 2013: $18,809.32
  • 2014: $65,280.54
  • 2015: $9,917.22 (my worst year)
  • 2016: $621,919.95
  • 2017: $581,416.41
  • 2018: $882,831.01
  • 2019: $382,298.62 (I stopped promoting Clickbank product starting in 2019 and started focusing on my company, the Aversity)
  • 2020 (by June 11th): $144,261.38

and in case, if screenshots are your thing, here are some of the screenshots I’ve taken from my recent years in Clickbank.

and here are some screenshots of the years before:

and here are some screenshots of the years before:

*fun fact: I stopped taking screenshots in 2019 and 2020 mainly because I stopped caring about it. I have over 20,000 students in my Clickbank course and honestly, that’s way more than I ever wanted.

These numbers are not the highest you can find in the world, but as you can see, I know a thing or two about selling Clickbank products and as you see, the numbers go higher and higher every year since I improved my Clickbank business and strategies each year. In this article, you’ll learn my ultimate Clickbank strategy, the on responsible for my highest year.

Using this method, you will be able to sell ANY clickbank products without a hassle.

so if you’re ready to learn from a Clickbank super affiliate, buckle up and let’s get started!

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this Clickbank guide:

  1. The Truth About Clickbank Affiliate Marketing
  2. Bonus Topic: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
  3. The Tools You Need to Make Money on Clickbank
  4. Bonus Topic 2: Sell on Clickbank!
  5. How to Find The Most Profitable Clickbank Products to Promote
  6. The Million Dollar Clickbank Strategy
  7. Final Ninja Clickbank Tips and Tricks

So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

The Truth About Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Before we get into the thick of Clickbank and affiliate marketing, I want to teach you an important and valuable lesson I learned after spending thousands of dollars and wasting months on Clickbank marketing:

The key to earning massive commissions on Clickbank is building a massive community around a single product.

Let me explain…

My first major Clickbank success came from promoting a popular affiliate product (surprise surprise) and here’s what I did:

  • I created a website for this product
  • Shared the results people were getting
  • Provided bonuses, and my own coaching
  • Help with it for anyone who purchased it through my link.

It was simple, but it worked.

I was making over $300 a day, from a single Clickbank product.

This worked so well that the product owner contacted me and gave me a special commission rate for my hard work.

My affiliate marketing strategy has changed significantly since then, but the idea of creating a community stayed with me forever. This is what led me to create Aversity and the CB Masters Academy course.

Next: don’t look for free stuff!

There are ways to make money online for free, but the business that is built on “free” methods will take your time instead.

You might be fine with this in the beginning, but it won’t get you far, and eventually, this will frustrate you.

So don’t look for free ways to make money or really anything free. A business will cost money, and be ready to invest, otherwise, you won’t achieve much in it.

No matter what gurus or marketers tell you, or how hard they try to sell you the “next best thing” or their “free strategies”, you won’t make a dime if you’re not willing to invest time and money.

Don’t believe me? No problem! Go ahead and waste 2 years of your life to do it for free and see what happens. (because I tried and it didn’t work) and if you have no money, wait, save money and get back into it.

Anyway, just want to make sure you understand that you are about to start a business. Don’t consider this a hobby or a side income, take it seriously and invest money in it if you want to be financially free.

In this article, I will also talk about the community aspects of my Clickbank strategy, as well as my top Clickbank strategies that are responsible for my major Clickbank success.

Bonus: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

I know you want to get into the strategy quickly, but you need to learn to walk before you run…

So with that being said, let me explain what made me a millionaire from Clickbank and Aversity.

If you’re not familiar with high ticket affiliate marketing, you need to get yourself into it as soon as possible. High ticket affiliate marketing is the practice of selling expensive products and earning bigger cuts.

For example, our first level high ticket commission on Aversity pays you a cool $1,000 per sale! Now imagine you want to make $10,000 a month. Making 10 commissions can help you reach your goal. This way, you don’t need to work hard to sell hundreds of a product on Clickbank or any other low ticket affiliate network.

On Aversity, we convert low ticket sales to high ticket customers and pay our affiliates up to 70% of the sale. Imagine earning high ticket commissions without having to pick up a phone.

The Tools You Need to Make Money on Clickbank

Now that we got the basics out of the way, it’s time to talk about the tools you need to copy my multi-million dollar Clickbank affiliate marketing strategy…

In this case, we’re going to need 3 tools to take our business off the ground and start making some money on Clickbank as fast as possible.

#1: A WordPress Website: WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and for our online business, we’re going to need a basic WordPress.org website. You can use this easy WordPress tutorial to set up your website in minutes. All you need is a hosting account and a domain.

You can get your domain for free when you join Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the world’s best hosting and domain provider companies in the world and they provide a one-click WordPress setup.

Just open an account, choose your domain (your website address) and it will install WordPress automatically on your domain for you, in seconds.

#2: A Page Builder: Page builders are the additional 3rd party software that we’re going to use to create beautiful landing pages for our online business.

In this case, since we got WordPress as our CMS platform, we’re going to use Thrive Architect. Thrive Architect is a premium page builder plugin for WordPress which allows you to create amazing looking pages on your WP sites without any design or coding knowledge.

#3: Payment Processing Capability: This will allow you to process credit cards on your website. You’ll find out why we need this later… You can use a mix of Gravity Forms plugin (for WordPress) and Stripe (free payment processing)

Bonus Topic 2: Sell on Clickbank!

Did you know there are 2 sides to making money on Clickbank?

You can make money on CB by promoting products as an affiliate or selling your own products as a seller. So if you have a skill that you can share with people, I recommend creating a course for it, and selling it on Clickbank!

Keep in mind that selling products on Clickbank is not easy! You need to do your own research, and learn lots of things such as landing page creation, conversion optimization, proper launch methods and etc…

So do your research and get ready for anything from bad customers to hardships of dealing with affiliates and websites…

How to Find The Most Profitable Clickbank Products to Promote

Ok, let’s get into the details, shall we?

Choosing the right product on Clickbank is the difference between wasting thousands of dollars for nothing and making thousands of dollars a day…

Promoting a bad product will result in a massive amount of refunds, which means you will lose the commission you worked so hard to earn!

So the question is, how do you find a good product on Clickbank? What makes a good product? How do you know which one is a good one and which one is a bad one?

Well, watch the detailed video below to learn how super affiliates find Clickbank products to promote:

FYI, you can read our list of top Clickbank products this year. This list is updated every month and contains the top-performing products on Clickbank, at least the ones I’m selling and the ones that are working out very well for me, as a CB super affiliate.

In case if you don’t have the time to watch the video above, or the CB top product list I linked, here are some things to look for when choosing a Clickbank product:

  • It needs to have a great sales page with a video
  • A great affiliate section with information and resources for affiliate, showing that owners care about the product.
  • A great support team
  • Positive reviews from the real people, not the affiliates (you should research this one)
  • Limited review access for affiliates

The Million Dollar Clickbank Strategy

Ok, it’s time to talk strategy. I know you’ve been waiting for this, so here we go…

To understand why a super affiliate like me can always make money, almost on demand, you need to understand why a restaurant will never run out of business (at least a good one)

Allow me to explain…

A good restaurant will never go out of business mainly because the food is good, and people will come back to eat more of that food again. A study published on Forbes showed that about 60% of the money a good restaurant makes comes from returning customers.

Why am I talking about restaurants you ask?

Because this is how Clickbank super affiliates make money: Using returning customers.

Simply put, here’s how I make six-figures or even seven-figures a year on Clickbank:

  1. I create a front-end product and sell it for cheap, under $10. The goal is to create a list of buyers.
  2. I build a relationship with these customers using automated emails
  3. And eventually, I promote a more expensive Clickbank product at the end, and when they buy, I earn a commission on that.

This is like a delayed upsell, but it works better because it’s a relationship based system, rather than a quick upsell like any other funnel.

Now let’s talk about each and every single one of these steps in detail…

Step 1: Create Your Front-End Product

To build a list of buyers, you need to have a product to sell. Something that won’t break the bank and is very valuable for them. The idea with this is to get people to pull out the credit card and purchase something, to get comfortable with you, your brand, and what you sell and promote.

Step 2: Build a Relationship with Your Customers

Now that you got the customer, it’s time to prove that you care, and deliver on the promises you made.

One of the methods that have worked for me in the past is the progress and storytelling strategy.

The idea is very simple:

First, you welcome them to your list by sending them an email. Deliver the login details, and let them know that they can contact you if they need anything, and also you might send them some emails later with updates and new features.

Then 2 days later, you’ll send them an email with a brand new bonus (or update) material that you added to the course they purchased. This should be free.

Then 2 days later again, you’ll email them but this time, you’ll let them know that you’re testing a “brand new system” (word it however you like) and will let them know about it if you get results.

Again, you’ll send them another email (3 days later), telling them that you’ve tested this new product and it has worked great and you’ll let them know that you might send this to them later.

And finally, 2 days later, you’ll send them an email reminding that you’ve been testing and getting results with this new product. Give them a link (your Clickbank affiliate link) and tell them to join the program before it’s too late.

and to do one more attempt at selling the product, next day (a day after the previous email), you’ll send another email, but this time with bonuses that you’re going to provide when they join the program.

By this time, most people on your list have bought the Clickbank product.

The idea is to have a pitch that develops while your relationship with them is being built. If your pitch comes out of nowhere, they won’t pay attention or like it much but in this strategy, this “new” product came up ever so slowly. You were fist testing it, then you provided some more updates and finally asked them to check it out if they like.

Step 3: Promote more products and make more money

At the end of the day, how much you earn from every single customer on your list depends on how well you build a relationship with them.

Another effective way to take this strategy to the next level is to build a community.

Building a community around your website and the products you sell will create a conversation around your products, which results in more organic traffic, engagements, and sales.

Aversity forum is a perfect example of this strategy…

Aversity has over 35,000 members but before our forum, there was no way for our members to communicate with each other. The creation of the forum was a major event in our company because it changed everything…

It increased our monthly revenue up to 10% (that’s an average of $100,000 a month),

and it increased our organic search presence, bringing more customers, and sales…

Final Ninja Clickbank Tips and Tricks

Now that you understand the Clickbank strategy that is making me money, it’s time to use it for your own affiliate marketing business…

Before we end this article, I want to share some final tips to help you get the most out of your Clickbank promotion campaigns…

Tip #1: Still confused about the “front products”? It’s simple: use PLR (private label rights) products are products that allow you to buy the rights and sell them like your own. You can even purchase PLR products to use in your Clickbank promotion on the Aversity PLR market.

Tip #2: Don’t focus on free traffic. Free traffic takes time and the results coming from it will discourage you from working harder. Try YouTube or Bing Ads paid traffic methods to accelerate your Clickbank results.

Tip #3: Track user behavior! You can use a tool like Hotjar.com to track what users do on your page and how do they react to your content to improve your pages and maximize your sales!


As I explained in this article, the most effective way to generate Clickbank sales is to create an upfront product using PRLs, sell them upfront, create a list of buyers and sell more Clickbank products to them.

Our Clickbank training course can teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and some of the effective strategies to make money on CB but it doesn’t cover this specific strategy in detail.

The course that does cover this strategy is the Inner Circle Masterclass program. This course will teach you this strategy in detail you’ve never seen, and will also provide you with the tools you need to get started as fast as possible.

You will also have access to our private community where you can ask questions from our top earners and members and will receive weekly updates and more importantly, a dedicated coach to help you get started as fast as possible.

If you’re ready to start, click here to learn more about the Inner Circle Masterclass program.

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