How to Make Some Extra Money Online While Working at Your Job

The internet is full of articles about ways to make extra money online with flashy titles like “50 ways to make extra cash” or “21 legitimate ways to make money from home” but in reality, most of these are just theories and don’t have an actual real-life use,

So why this article is better? It’s because we make money online for a living.

This isn’t an article on a mom blog or a makeup artist who’s suggesting ways that you can earn some extra cash, this is coming from a real online business, making over $1,000,000 a month running multiple online businesses.

Now that you know it, let’s start talking about some ways to make some extra cash from home or even your phone while working at your 9 to 5 job.

I’m gonna be honest with you, making money online isn’t that easy.

You have to put the time and some effort to make it happen. It all boils down to how much you really hate your current job.

Because the more you hate your current job, the harder you work to get out of it. Keep in mind that I’m not saying you should quit your job after making your first dollar online because that can be dangerous, but you need to have a goal and work for it.

Before we get started, here are some usually recommend ways to make money online that you should avoid at any costs! These are things that you see in every single article about ways to make money online and they’re going to burn you and your bank account:

Avoid Online Surveys

Simply put, online surveys are the worst way to use your limited time to make money online unless you’re ok making 10x less than the minimum wage sitting in front of a computer.

I tried making money online with surveys years ago and made $200 after 4 months of hard work. The people who make money with survey sites are site owners, not the poor people who trade their valuable time for cents. So make sure you avoid these types of “opportunities”

Avoid Paid Opinion Sites

There are some sites that pay you for sharing your opinion on videos and pages. All you have to do is to watch some videos or visit some pages to get paid. Easy right? Not really.

My problem with these sites is exactly the same as survey sites. You won’t break even with the small payout that you receive while they make the real money.

You can almost make more money begging in street than these type of websites (I’m serious!)

All of these aside, there’s another big problem: They’re not automated.

Think about it for a second, you basically won’t have time for anything else in your life if you have to spend 4 hours of your day on these sites to make a couple of dollars, so your business needs to be automated.

So how do you make some extra money online completely automated?

The answer is affiliate marketing. Before I explain more on the subject, watch the free training video below on this subject:

So let’s get started with some basics. What’s affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the act of finding customers and leads for various companies and products and getting paid a commission per every sale or lead you deliver to them. It’s mostly done online these days and it’s one of the best ways to make money online.

Billion dollar companies like Amazon, Apple or even Walmart have affiliate programs and average people like me and you can earn money online from these programs.

Affiliate marketing can be completely automated. You can make money online with affiliate marketing while you sleep!

Keep in mind that not all affiliate programs are good (even Amazon or Walmart ones have many flaws) but the idea is very simple and yet profitable. So let’s see how do you make money with affiliate marketing…

Step 1: Start a Website

Sounds scary? It really isn’t. You can start your own website in less than 5 minutes by following a couple of tips. These days, one of the easiest things anyone can ever do is to create a website.

Having a website is very important because it’ll allow your business to have a core and center. This means that you’re going to be in control of your business, not some company that provides you with a tool.

This might look a bit complicated, but the website you’ll build is designed to make everything less complicated for you moving forward! If you’re planning to build an automated online business that makes you money while you sleep, you need to have a website that doesn’t sleep when you do!

That’s why having a website is very important if you’re planning to make some extra cash online. After this, you can almost do anything you want…

What are you going to do with it?

Your website will do multiple things at the same time. It’s going to act as a reference point so people will know you’re for real when you’re trying to sell something to them.

It will also allow you to publish content once in a while and get some free traffic (potential buyers or prospects) to your funnel.

“What’s a funnel?” you ask? Here’s your answer:

Step 2: Sell a Cheap Product and Collect Leads

The next step is collecting leads but not any leads. Ones that will make you money.

In this day and age, every marketing expert is talking about the power of list building and why it’s such a big deal but what no one will ever tell you is this: You need to create a list of customers, not people who are looking for free stuff!

The best way to do this is to create a tripwire offer or front-end offer. The idea is simple: You sell a product for less than $10 to break even and pay for your advertising costs, then you sell affiliate products to your existing customers and make money online.

This is explained in detail inside our exclusive affiliate marketing course, the Inner Circle Masterclass.

Step 3: Join an Affiliate Network

The next step is joining an affiliate network. There are over a thousand affiliate networks in the world and a simple Google search will give you more than anything I could ever say here but remember one thing: Not all affiliate networks are created equal.

The key is to find an affiliate network that pays high ticket commissions. For example, one of the reasons that Aversity’s affiliate network is is popular is because of this.

Every sale you bring to our system can potentially make you up to $4,000 in commissions. Compare that to Amazon’s 5% commissions, two of these sales will set you up for a month!

Step 4: Sell an Affiliate Product to Your Existing Buyers

Finally, it’s time to sell an affiliate product to your existing customers.

There are many different ways to sell products to your existing customers but here are 2 different ways that our company is doing it:

Live Webinars: Live webinars are one of the most effective ways to sell anything online. The idea is simple. Gather an audience of people who want to learn something (in this case, your list of buyers), teach them something valuable with a LIVE presentation and at the end, make money by selling another product to them.

Bonus Emails: Bonus emails are much easier and more automated, but at the same time, much more challenging to implement correctly mainly due to the fact that they need to feel real and need to provide serious value to the buyer.

The idea is simple: You set up an automated sequence to provide extra bonuses to your customers after purchasing your product. After that, you slowly start taking them into another product by saying that you’ve been testing a brand new product that might help them solve the issue.

You start dropping more hints about this in every email you send out and finally, after a couple of days, you start promoting the product directly to them. This approach works great for the most part but requires a lot of testing or a proven template, something that you access if you join our exclusive training program.

Affiliate marketing might look simple, but it can get complicated if you’re brand new to online marketing. There are many different ways to sell an affiliate product and you need to choose the right way based on your product and the niche.

I recommend you to join our exclusive affiliate marketing course, the Inner Circle Masterclass. The Inner Circle Masterclass will teach you how super affiliates like Sean Bagheri, CEO & Founder of Aversity and Actionate are making six to seven figures a month and how someone like you can do the same…

and more importantly, this program comes with a dedicated 1-on-1 coaching service. So instead of wasting your time finding answers to your questions online, you can contact your coach and get an answer quickly! Click the button below to get started…

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