I Made A Million Dollar On Clickbank In 4 Years, Here’s What I’ve Learned

As an affiliate, Clickbank was the first affiliate network I ever encountered. I made my first commission on Clickbank, grew my business to what it is today with Clickbank, and taught thousands of people to Make Money with Clickbank. It was a great ride while it lasted. Clickbank was also the reason I started my own company and built Aversity and made it to what it is today, one of the biggest online business education companies in the world.

These days, I don’t focus too much on Clickbank since I got enough on my own plate as the CEO of my company, the Aversity but at the peak of my Clickbank days, I used to make 5 figures a day! I remember my biggest day on Clickbank when I promoted a product launch (it was called the Google Sniper 3.0) and made $19,000 in commissions in a day…

These days, I average about $1,000 a day on Clickbank without trying too hard and if you’re interested in learning from a Clickbank veteran, today is your lucky day. I’m going to start by breaking your heart a bit and telling you some of the big Clickbank myths that some of these so-called “marketers” say.

Clickbank Myth #1: You Can Make Money On Clickbank for Free

I understand people’s love for free traffic, I really do but if you’re planning to get serious with Clickbank, free traffic isn’t going to cut it. Free traffic is cool, in fact, we make over $700 a day from our own blog which is considered “free”, but it’s not even a fraction of what we make with our paid traffic campaigns.

To keep this short, here are some of the problems with free traffic:

  • It’s not scalable (you can’t increase your revenue by increasing your budget, you need to work hard to increase your free traffic)
  • It’s not reliable (a simple search engine update can wipe out your entire traffic and kill your company if you depend on free traffic)
  • You pay for it with your time, and your time is money, even f you have an unlimited source of it. You can (and should) invest it on more important business operations.

Clickbank Myth #2: Making Money On Clickbank is Easy

It really isn’t. Especially if you don’t know anything about sales. It took me 9 months to make a $25 commission and I wasn’t the first person to struggle this much with Clickbank. Getting results can get complicated, especially since it doesn’t have any Clickbank training to help you get started. You’re thrown into a pit full of affiliates and competitors the moment you start on Clickbank. I’m going to talk about Clickbank flaws in this post, but this is the biggest (and one of the reasons I started Aversity).

How do You Actually Make Money on Clickbank?

Don’t worry, I’m going to keep this short (I hate writing). There are 3 steps to selling anything online: Addressing a Need, Establishing Trust, Delivering The Final Push.

Here’s how each one of these work:

Addressing a Need: You basically need to get people to listen to you by talking about a subject on a video or website. Talk about the problem they’re having that your product will help solve but don’t sell anything.

Establishing Trust: This is where you ask people to trust you by giving you something. This way, you’ll build a relationship with them and get them to trust you and everything you say. A good example of that in our own company is our free 4 step training program where we provide valuable training for free over the period of 4 days before selling a product.

Delivering The Final Push: This is where you give them another reason to listen to you. This is usually something to set you apart from dozens of other affiliates that are selling the same product as you. This can be a bonus course or an eBook. Watch the video below as I explain this strategy in a more visual detail:

Now that we know the basics of Clickbank, I want to talk about some of the problems that you’ll face if you’re planning to use Clickbank to make money online. These were the biggest reason I started my own company, the Aversity.

Clickbank Problem #1: It doesn’t come with training

This is the reason why everyone is looking for Clickbank training courses every single day. Clickbank doesn’t even give you a basic training to start with, so naturally, everyone is confused about it and that’s why 90% of Clickbank affiliates fail to make any money.

Clickbank Problem #2: It doesn’t have a high ticket program

It’s cool to make Clickbank commissions, but you need to make a ton of sales if you’re planning to build a substantial income using Clickbank. A high ticket program like Aversity will allow you to make $1,000 commissions. This way, the economics of your business shifts. When you make high ticket sales, you have more money to invest back into your business so your business grows faster.

These problems might not look too important but considering the time you’re putting into building your online business, these will slow you down and make it harder to achieve your income goals with Clickbank.


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