My Top Landing Page Conversion Tricks!

What if you could improve your landing page’s conversion rate dramatically by adding or removing some basic elements? In this article, I’m going to share live examples of my top converting landing pages and the small changes I made to make them incredibly profitable.

Before we start, watch the video below to see these landing page tricks in action and how I’m using them on my own landing pages:

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Inner Circle 4 Step Funnel

First is the infamous Inner Circle 4 Step Funnel landing page. We’ve sent over a million unique visitors to this page and tested over 27 different variations of this page.

In the final test, I wanted to find out the difference between a landing page with a video and without the video and the results surprised me. It didn’t make much of the difference!

Here’s what I learned: You should make your landing pages as simple as possible. Try using clear fonts, simple colors, and images. Make it easy for visitors to understand with minimum scrolling and effort. If you pay attention to this page, the headline, the form and the video are all visible and visitors don’t have to look around too much to get the message of the page.

The CB Masters Academy Funnel

The CB Masters Academy was one of the first products I ever launched and this landing page is responsible for over 50,000 leads and over 1 million dollars in sales, but it wasn’t always like this…

Like the previous funnel, this is a 4 step, 4-day training that offers them the main course on the final day of the training and like the previous one, this is all about simplicity…

On this one, I tested a high contrast color with simple headlines. I tried to make it as simple as possible and keep it all above the fold for visitors.

Here’s what I learned: sub-headlines are generally a bad idea. This landing page used to have a sub-headline below the main one and removing that sub-headline bumped my conversion rate from 22% to 43% and if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Remember that overexplaining or overselling something (in this case, getting people to sign up for free training) has a negative effect.

Online Business Kickstarter

The online business Kickstarter is an engagement based product and we want the people who sign up for it to be as active as possible and I wanted their engagement to begin from the first page they see, the landing page.

So I decided to make this one a bit longer than usual to get users to scroll down a bit. The “bribe” for that scroll was the screenshot of my JVZoo affiliate account results.

Like the previous ones, we kept it simple and clean. It’s all about delivering your message as fast as possible. At a point, I tried a video on the page as well but the image outperformed the video!

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