What’s Inside Aversity Gold Masterclass Affiliate Marketing Course?

Aversity Gold Masterclass is one of the most popular and most purchased affiliate marketing programs in the world, with over 30,000 members. This program is specifically designed for people who are new or have been struggling with affiliate marketing. Over 55% of Gold Masterclass members earn their initial investment in less than 2 weeks…

In this quick article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the Gold Masterclass by Aversity and explain some of the benefits of this program and why it is a well-known program in the world of affiliate marketing.

Before we begin, watch the short video below from Christian, a recent Gold Masterclass member where he shares his experience with the program:

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What’s Inside

Aversity Gold Masterclass is made of 6 modules with over 10 hours of detailed training content. In module 1, you’ll learn the basics of a successful online business. In module 2, you’ll learn to set up your online business, as Sean Bagheri explains everything step by step with action-based training.

In module 3, You’ll learn to create your presell content. This is where you’ll create the materials that you’ll be using on your pages and your sales funnels. In module 4, you’ll learn about Sean’s top free traffic strategies and in module 5, you’ll learn about his top paid traffic strategies and the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your pages and offers.

In module 6, you’ll get access to Sean’s update videos where he shares his recent findings and funnel changes or new strategies he has been testing to improve every aspect of this business.

More Updates

Besides the internal updates that are posted in module 6 of the program, members also have access to the general update section of the Aversity. In this section, Sean posts his latest and best affiliate marketing strategies.

Additionally, Sean answers member questions and members can also participate in the weekly webinars. Weekly webinar replies are also posted in the general update section of the Aversity and are a great source of information.

Coaching Program

Coaching is what Aversity is known for, specifically, dedicated coaching. Aversity has one of the best coaching programs in the world and unlike many companies that claim they have a coaching program, Aversity coaches are actually experienced marketers who help their members instead of upselling them more products.

High Ticket Commissions

High ticket affiliate marketing is the key to success in any affiliate business and niche. As a Gold Masterclass member, you’ll have access to Aversity’s high ticket program where you can earn up to $4,000 per sale as an affiliate.

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