How to Use Clickbank In 2020 to Make $300 a Day

Struggling with ClickBank? I admit that Clickbank can get confusing and frustrating if you’re new to affiliate marketing. There are a dozen different products you can promote and not a single video or article in there to teach you how! It sucks, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s your lucky day because I have some really awesome tips and strategies that will teach you to use Clickbank to make affiliate commission day and night. I’ve talked about top Clickbank products to promote in my previous blog post, so I won’t mention anything about products you should be promoting here, just some great tips to help you make money on Clickbank as fast as possible.

Before we begin, watch this short training video to learn some basics on selling Clickbank products:

before I get into details of ways to make money with Clickbank step by step, let me give you an outline of what I’m going to share with you here. I’m going to explain:

  • How does Clickbank work?
  • How to use Clickbank?
  • Learn about preselling, the key to success in Clickbank
  • Problems with Clickbank that you should consider

So let’s begin. first…

How Does Clickbank Work?

Clickbank is a simple, yet complicated place. In general, it has 2 different functions. One for vendors (product owners) and another one for affiliates (people like you). Vendors publish products (usually digital) and affiliates sell those for them when an affiliate makes a sale, they receive a commission (usually 50%). Clickbank pays anything from $25 to over $150 per sale, depending on the product price and how much vendor is paying in commissions per sale.

I’m going to talk more about downsides of this type of business model and what Clickbank is missing in general. Clickbank is full of confused affiliate marketers who aren’t making much money at all so don’t think everyone is making money with Clickbank. In an article published by Clickbank itself here, they mention that only 3% on Clickbank actually make a commission, so you get the idea.

The key to becoming successful with Clickbank and building a sale (based on my experience) is building a series of automated sales funnels that will do the job for you so you won’t have to go after traffic, customers and work 24/7, because after all, the point of affiliate marketing is to build a business that will make you money in your sleep!

How To Use Clickbank?

So let’s begin this part with some basics, from creating a Clickbank account to navigating in the market and around the website.

In order to create an account, all you need to do is to go here, and fill out the form with your basic information:

In the next page, they will ask for your bank account information (this is how you get paid), and then, depending on the country you live in, they might ask you for more information in the final step, such as tax or identification information. After finishing these, you’ll have a brand new Clickbank account, ready to use.

Just a quick reminder, Clickbank will hold commissions made through brand new accounts for a while until you hit the $500 threshold, after that, your account will be cleared for the normal bi-weekly or weekly payment (whichever you want).

The next step is simple. From your account’s top main menu, Click on Marketplace and on the next page, find the category you want to promote. After clicking on the category, you’ll get a list of available products you can promote within that category.

Tip: You can filter products in each category based on “gravity”, a number that Clickbank uses to identify high selling products. The higher gravity is, the more that product is selling, meaning it’s a good product to promote.

Preselling, The Key to Success In Clickbank

If you can’t tell, I’m keeping the good stuff for last, so things are about to get really interesting…

Imagine you want to buy some jeans for a party you’re planning to attend. You ask your friends about some good stores where you can buy your jeans from and your friend recommends a store they like. You remember the name, visit the mall and buy your jeans from there…

wait a minute, what happened there?

The reason you bought your jeans from that store was simple, your friend recommended it to you. In order to sell Clickbank products, you need to be that friend that promotes products to strangers. Fortunately, it’s much easier to do this online. In order to sell a Clickbank product, you need to presell, basically, you need to get the potential buyer ready for the purchase by building trust and explaining how this product will help them to solve their issue.

Watch this video as I explain a lot more about presell pages and how to actually implement preselling on Clickbank:

So as you can tell by the video, preselling is the difference between barely making some commission on Clickbank and making thousands of dollars a day, so don’t be lazy and do it.

If you don’t want to do any of these, I recommend the Top Level Affiliate program where you get done for you funnels at your disposal.

Problems with Clickbank that you should consider

Ok, so it’s time to talk about some problems that you’ll face in there and some solutions to the problem. Although Clickbank is an ok place to start your affiliate marketing journey, it’s not the best place to build a truly profitable business, let me tell you why.

Most of the people won’t make any money (or so little that won’t even be considered income) because the whole network lacks directions and education for new marketers. It’s simply an affiliate network, plain and simple, nothing else.

Another issue is the fact that commissions are very low with a high chance of a refund. This will make it really hard to achieve success on Clickbank. Imagine your goal is to make $10,000 a month with Clickbank. If you’re earning $25 commissions per sale, you will need 400 sales to achieve your goal.

what if there was a better solution?

Imagine there was a done for you system that would let you earn $1,000 commissions, so you only needed 10 sales to achieve your 10k/mo goal. Imagine there was a system that would give you the coaching and help you need to so you won’t have to Google or research for answers, imagine there was a system that would give you done for you funnels and the training you need to earn those massive commissions online…

If that’s something you’d like to have access to, you should checkout Aversity Gold Masterclass

Don’t forget to leave a comment under this article and let me know what you think about the tips I shared in here.

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