How To Get Penny Clicks on Bing Ads for Affiliate Marketing

Bing Advertising is one of the best ways to get PPC traffic to your affiliate offers without having to go through rules and regulations that Google AdWords is putting on affiliate marketers. Bing Ads doesn’t put that many restrictions on affiliate offers as long as you’re not being spammy and not promoting dangerous links.

In this article, you’ll learn to use Bing PPC for your affiliate offers and ways to maximize your sales and minimize your cost when using Bing ads for your online business.

Before we begin, let’s go through what you’ll learn:

  • How do I get super high CTR and super low CPC on every campaign
  • How do I research for keywords
  • How do I redirect the traffic to my affiliate offers
  • How do I take everything to the next level using multi-platform retargeting

Alright, before we talk about getting super high CTRs and super low CPC, watch this video to learn about the strategy I’m about to share:

How do I get High CTRs and Low CPC on Bing?

The secret is actually quite simple but requires some work. I put each keyword in a single ad group, this way, I can only create ads for that specific keyword.

For example, if one of my keywords is “New 2018 Bing Ads Tutorial”, I create a separate ad group for it, then create a couple of ads containing that exact keyword. This way, I won’t show ads that don’t match the keyword, a common issue in ad groups with too many keywords.

When you target a single keyword with a couple of ad copies that contain that actual keyword, your CTR will increase, which will result in a cheaper cost per click.

Try to be creative with your ad copy. Play with words and write something that will grab the visitor’s attention!

But what if you already have campaigns that are running?

In that case, you can find the keywords and ads that are converting the best and delete the rest. Start a new ad group for the keywords you weren’t getting results with and apply this strategy until you start getting good CTR.

How do I conduct my Bing keyword research?

Most of the people use the Bing Keyword Planner to do their keyword research which is ok, but there’s another source that is far more valuable than Bing keyword planner and it will give you better keywords!

Let me ask you something…

Would you rather target a keyword that is getting 1,000 searches a month or 50? The obvious answer is 1,000 but the right answer is much more complicated than simple mathematics.

If the keyword with 50 keywords will get you more sales, you should be targeting that one, not the one with 1,000 searches! The point I’m trying to make is that you should be looking for keywords that will get you sales, not the traffic.

The best way to do that is using Bing Search itself! Watch the video below and see how I find these keywords and how I match them with my landing page (something I’ll explain more in a minute):

As you see in the video above, I used Bing search engine to find keywords that will get me sales and get decent searches. This also helps to keep the CPC low by targeting long tail keywords and avoiding general keywords in your campaigns.

How do I redirect the traffic to my affiliate offers?

This is one of the most important steps of your campaign because sales or leads you get are much more important than a good CTR and this is a simple one. Make sure your landing page matches your ad copy and your sales are guaranteed! (assuming you have a decent presell page)

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that the transition from ad to landing page makes all of the difference in the world and if your ad copy doesn’t match the page you’re advertising, you’ll have big problems down the road.

Here’s an example inconsistency between landing pages: (same rule applies to Ad to Landing page transition)

Fixed example:

How do I take everything to the next level using multi-platform retargeting

The final step in any CPC advertising campaign is retargeting but that’s boring and everyone knows about that…

but what about multi-platform retargeting?

The idea is simple, if someone visit’s your page from Bing Advertising, they will see your ads on Google, YouTube or even Facebook. How do you ask?

It’s simple, install every platform’s retargeting script and create the same campaign on other platforms (with the same ad copy for better results) and show them your ads until they click!

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    You mean, for example keyword “weight loss”.
    I need to create multiple ad groups that containa exactly same keyword on all ad groups and need to create multiple ad with same exact keywords?

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