Top High Paying Affiliate Programs of the Year

High-paying affiliate programs are usually the most ideal way to make money online. Making big commissions online will change the economics of your online business. It’ll help you grow your business faster by earning more money per sale, hence the “high paying affiliate programs” title of this article.

Let’s talk about some of the highest paying affiliate programs available right now to everyone at this moment, talk about their business model and how you, as an affiliate will be able to earn massive commissions from these programs.

Why are High Ticket Affiliate Programs Important?

To understand this correctly, you need to see why online business education companies like Amazing.com or Aversity or internet marketing gurus like Sean Bagheri or Russell Brunson are successful. It’s because they have high ticket products at the end of their funnels for people who are willing to pay for higher business education.

When you earn big commissions, the economics of your business shifts. Suddenly, you have more money to invest back into your business and your ads, so your business grows faster and faster by the day as you earn more high ticket commissions.

My goal is in this article is to give you the best possible list of high ticket programs, so I’m going to share the ones that pay great commissions, have good training and will provide you with tools and a system to build your business as fast as possible. So here they are:

#3: John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System

This program pays up to $430 per sale to its affiliates. Not the highest paying affiliate program but the conversion rates are great and the product is also very valuable to new marketers. This is one of the easiest high ticket affiliate programs to join since all you need to make money with it is a Clickbank account. If you already got that, simply visit their JV page and get your link and start promoting.

The only downside to this program is the fact that they don’t have any additional 1-on-1 coaching or training for their affiliates. If you’re going to be an affiliate only, you will need to simply figure out how to promote this product, build your own funnels and learn everything by yourself (unless you join the program)

#2: Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnel has a great affiliate program that pays anything from $30 to $500 per sale and one of the great features of it is the fact that it pays lifetime commissions. This means that you will earn commissions on every customer you refer as long as they are a Clickfunnels customer and buy their products. For example, if one of your customers that you referred a year ago bought a new program today, you’ll still earn a commission from that sale. Lifetime commissions are a great way to build a passive income source.

The only issue I see with Clickfunnels so far is the fact that everything seems a little bit confusing at some times and most of the people will get this vibe the moment they land on the Clickfunnels’ home page. Too much text, too many programs that offer the same thing and sometimes too many offers and emails after you become a member of any of their programs or tools.

But overall, Clickfunnels is a great place to earn some high ticket commissions.

#1: Aversity High Paying Affiliate Program

When it comes to making high ticket commissions using high paying affiliate programs, Aversity stands at the top with commissions up to $3,000 per sale.

Aversity is a high ticket affiliate program and online business education platform where members learn everything there is to know about online business to start earning commissions online from different sources, including Aversity itself.

Aversity provides training, 1-on-1 coaching, the system to earn high ticket commissions and weekly updates to make keep our members up to date with the latest marketing trends and strategies.

You can join Aversity’s high ticket program by buying one of their courses or simply asking for an affiliate account from their support team. I personally recommend the course option since it comes with full coaching and support, something you need if you’re new to high ticket sales word.

You can click the link below to join Aversity’s most popular course, the Aversity Gold Masterclass and start building your online business as fast as possible with the help of an amazing community and dedicated a coach.

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  • As I was reading throughout the list (which I loved, thank you). Does any of those programs promote any products within health niche eg weight loss, because all the high paying programs seem to be in the “how to make money” niche.

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