Fastest Way to Get Clickbank Sales Without Prior Experience

I’ve talked about Clickbank countless times in the past, especially when it comes to building funnels and sales systems for Clickbank products, but what if you want to make some quick money on Clickbank without having to create massive promotion campaigns or websites? You’re about to find an answer…

There are 3 steps to sell any Clickbank product quickly: Get tons of traffic, then give them a reason to buy the product FROM YOU and finally, provide proof that the product works and profit. In this case, we’re doing everything 100x faster, so we’re going to skip some of the steps above.

Is it possible to make Clickbank sales without funnels?

Here’s a thing about selling anything online: It’s all about trust and campaign flow. It means that if you’re planning to sell something without having to capture their information, you’ll need to build the trust instantly…

For example, in one of my successful Clickbank promotion campaigns, I made over $15,000 from a single video and over $65,000 in total from a single product. The secret was simple, I DOMINATED that product everywhere. From Google search results to YouTube, Google Ads… I was all over the place.

I wasn’t collecting emails or getting data, I was simply everywhere you could possibly search for this product. I had 10 websites, 27 videos about the product (one of them was the most successful) and 3 YouTube channels. So yes, it’s possible to make Clickbank sales without a funnel.

So what’s the best way to make Clickbank sales quickly?         

Here’s what you should do, if you’re not planning to create 10 websites or 27 videos for a single Clickbank product: use solo ads to drive traffic to a presell page, and make a sell. It’ll help you to understand everything better if you watch this video before I explain this strategy in more details:

As you see, solo ads are the key to success with Clickbank if you’re not planning to do the work. I’ve made dozens of videos about solo ads on my YouTube channel but to put it in a couple of words, they are the best way to get Clickbank sales without too much hassle.

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