How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website In The Next 24 Hours

Free traffic takes time but not more than 24 hours, if you know what to do! In today’s infographic/article, I’m going to share our top 4 high converting free traffic sources this year.

Before we start, take a look at the infographic. It’s going to explain it all in detail:

Free traffic method #1: Quora Answers

This is a very fast way to drive targeted traffic to your links if you invest some of your time. The key to success on Quora is to not look spammy and for that, you’ll have to take your time and answer questions in detail on Quora.

A single good answer can drive thousands of targeted potential customers and buyers to your website every single day, so don’t skip Quora!

Free traffic method #2: Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to drive traffic if you know how to use them. First, you’ll need to create your own group, then find other people in other related groups and invite them to join your group.

Next, you should post valuable content in the group to engage with your audience and once in a while, ask people to visit your website.

Free traffic method #3: Reddit

Another great free traffic source is asking for people’s opinions. Write an article, or create a video or image on your website, and ask Reddit to check it out and tell you how can you improve your content.

Although the visitors aren’t coming to your website to buy a product, they’ll still be exposed to your content and there’s a chance for them to check it out and explore your website deeper.

Free traffic method #4: Pinterest

Another underutilized traffic source on the internet is Pinterest. You can use tools like Canva.com to create amazing Pinterest graphics, post them with your links and drive targeted traffic to your website in a short time. Pinterest traffic might take a bit of time but if you keep doing it, it’ll build up and gets to you a point where you’ll be getting thousands of visitors a day from Pinterest!

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