How to Get Free Targeted Traffic Using Forums

Forums and Q&A websites are one of the greatest sources of traffic if used right. When it comes to forum traffic, there are 2 sides to it: owning a forum and being a forum member. In this article, I’m going to explore both sides and explain how can you use forums to drive targeted free traffic to your websites and offers without getting banned or marked as spam.

Let’s start with the popular side of forum traffic, being a forum user.

How to Get Forum Traffic as a Forum Member

I want you to understand the “why” of forum traffic before you even attempt getting traffic from it. Remember, people don’t click on your links because it’s just there or you told them so, they do it because it might help them with their question.

So before you drop your link, ask this question from yourself: does your link really provide any value to the question or not? It’s easy to be biased toward your own link, so it’s important to answer this question with complete honesty.

How to Avoid Getting Banned

About a year ago, I answered a question on warrior forum with a link to one of my websites. That link got me over 4,000 visitors, over 1,000 leads and 70 sales which resulted in $24,000 worth of commissions. Here’s why: the link was well placed and it made sense to have the link there.

Here’s how I made $24,000 from 70 sales (if you’re wondering)

The key to making it in a forum or Q&A site is to help people without expecting anything and leave a link when it makes sense! Don’t force yourself to have a link on every website, people notice these things.

This is especially important if you’re using a website like Quora.com to drive traffic to your offers. The more helpful you are overall, the more your answers will be noticed. It’s always about the quality of your answers, not quantity.

Another way to have a link in every post without getting banned is a signature. See the forum you’re posting allows signatures and if they do, utilize it. With a link to your website or offer in the signature, you don’t even need to try to promote your links anymore, you just need to answer as many questions as possible.

Forums like Aversity or Warrior allow signatures in your profile and under every answer you post (that’s a paid option in warrior forum)

Owning a Forum

Another less popular way to get traffic to your forum is creating your own forum and this can be hard if you don’t have an audience. For example, when we started Aversity forum, we already have a big member base, 2 big YouTube channels, and a learning platform, so having a forum made complete sense. To this day, Aversity forum is responsible for making over $1,000 a day in sales for our company.

Here’s how you start a successful forum:

  1. Get a good forum software: We recommend a forum software like Discourse since it is clean, easy, simple to manage and navigate. This is what we use for Aversity and what companies like Amazon and Apple are using so you can’t go wrong with it.
  2. Build an audience before starting your forum: You can start a YouTube channel or a Facebook group, provide value and build an audience. Don’t expect people to just find your forum somehow.
  3. Reward your top members: Rewarding active members will help you to keep your forum alive. Reward your top members with cash, courses, and prizes.

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  • I love forum traffic! It’s the best traffic you can get. Qoura is harder to generate traffic from but it works great as well.

  • Most of the forums notice when you’re trying to get free traffic from them but Sean is right, if you don’t spam, you’ll be fine. I’ve been doing the same thing and I’m getting about 200 visitors a day from forums. Forum traffic is awesome!

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