How to Drive Free Traffic From Pinterest in 2022

Pinterest is one of the most underused traffic sources of all time, for sales or lead generation and we’re starting a campaign to end that! Our goal is to tell every single affiliate marketer in the world about Pinterest and its potential as we’ve been using it to generate thousands of visitors a week.

Before we start, watch the important video below to learn about the tools I use to generate free Pinterest traffic:

Learn From a Super Affiliate

Learn how super affiliates drive targeted traffic from Pinterest and earn thousands of dollars a day!

The first step is getting your account ready. Start a brand new account, post some content on it (anything) to get your account ready for the free traffic venture! It’s important to have an account with some history but never use your own personal Pinterest account (if you have one).

The second step is joining Tailwind. Join Tailwind, create your account (it’s free) and integrate your Pinterest account with your Tailwind account. This will allow you to manage your account completely from Tailwind, at this point, you can just close Pinterest and focus on tailwind.

Then, go to Tailwind, on the left side menu, click “Tribes” and search for a Tribe related to your niche. In this case, I looked for a Tribe related to my niche and found one. Some of them require approval from the Tribe owner and some of them are open, meaning you can join instantly.

Finally, create a pin using Tailwind and add it to the tribe. Also, don’t forget to be active in the tribes you join and pin posts from other members to encourage people to pin YOUR posts!

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