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  • Sean Bagheri
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    Hi everyone, I wanted to share my opinion about something very important, that will help you build a better future.

    keep in mind that I’m not an expert when it comes to investing, but I keep a significant portion of my personal cash in different investment portfolios.

    This is an advice for our members who got unused cash sitting in their bank accounts.

    In my opinion, one of the worst things to do with your money, is to let it sit in a bank account. Doing so will put your financial future at risk, and will also force you to spend your money more recklessly.

    i’ve been in this business for years and here’s what I’ve done with the money I’ve made: A portion goes back to my business, a large portion goes to investing platform, such as stocks and and precious metals, and a small portion stays in my bank accounts.

    Keep in mind that you don’t need to be a millionaire to invest money in stocks, you just need to have the will!

    and here’s another interesting thing: I use a stock market investment strategy that makes me money, no matter what happens to stock market.

    how you ask? I only invest in dividend stocks!

    dividend stocks pay you (the share holders) money for just keeping the stock, no matter what happens. With my current portfolio, I personally earn over $15k a month in dividend stocks payouts.

    This is the money I earn for just keeping these stocks!

    So to keep this topic short, invest your money people!

    Tip: if you want to get started with investing in stocks, download Robinhood app (US ONLY) and start investing.
    Tip 2: Google “dividend stocks” and see what companies pay share holders, and only invest in those companies!
    Tip 3: There are a lot to learn when it comes to dividend stocks, so google it and learn it before you do anything!


    Scarlet Brown
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    Hi Sean, thank you for sharing…I just downloaded the app and going to invest a small amount every month!

    Ryan Reis
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    Awesome stuff! I started investing some of my earnings a long time ago after I made my first few sales on Aversity. My strategy is to invest the money I’m going to pay in taxes by the end of the year, so when it’s time to pay my taxes, I pull out just the amount I need to pay IRS and the rest remains in my portfolio, it’s like letting your taxes work for you until it’s time to pay! ūüôā

    Brain Andersen
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    I just watched your video inside members area about stock market investing. Thank you Sean!

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