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  • Sean Bagheri
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    Hi everyone, I hope everyone and your families are doing well these days with all the COVID-19 hysteria that is going on.

    Just remember, in situations like the one we see now, we only got two options: panic, or respond effectively. That’s it.

    Most people are spreading fear and making things much worse. All of a sudden everybody becomes a COVID-19 expert and facts get blown out of proportions, rumors spread, and fear drives most people into panic mode which results in bad decisions that help the spread of the virus itself, such as hoarding or panic shopping.

    This too will pass, like everything else, we just have to be careful and smart about it.

    Instead of overreacting like everybody else, we can be smart and even do our part to help out:

    1. Stop spreading fear. COVID-19 can be a serious illness, but fear won’t help us fight it.

    2. Don’t believe everything you see and hear in the media. Listen to authorities and officials. They’re people like us, obviously worried and they’re doing their best to stop this.

    3. Start taking care of yourself! Eat right, drink lots of water and exercise if possible.

    4. Don’t be scared and take care of your mental health! Healthy mind = healthy body. Get away from people who spread fear. Just listen to facts, provided by officials.

    5. Wash your hands, stay away from large gatherings and events as much as possible, and get your loved ones to do the same.

    6. If you need to shop for some basic necessities and food – do so without making a big deal out of it.

    Take care everyone and stay safe!

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    Sean, thank you for your very sound advice.

    I am curious, how would you recommend approaching our online business with everything that’s going on? Should we push harder or hold back and wait for things to calm down? Thanks

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    Ashton Blake
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    Thank you Sean and stay safe hope this health crisis end soon.

    Sean Bagheri
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    I recommend pushing harder. These days more people are looking for ways to make money online, so I recommend a more aggressive approach.

    Ryan Reis
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    Thank you Sean. I hope everyone is doing well!

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