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  • Amine MOULDAR
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    Hi Guys,
    Just want to know when the modules 4, 5 and 6 will be released in the Gold MasterClass course?
    Thank you

    Sean Bagheri
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    Hi Amine, module 4 and 5 are coming today. Module 6 is coming by the end of Friday.

    Muhammad Anwar
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    Hello all,

    Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

    I joined last night and still in Module 1. As per first 4 video’s , I made a list of Products from CB. I want to get the opinions of all the Rockstars what there experience has been with this offerings.

    1. Custom Keto Diet [Init.$/Sale: 29.91, Grav:374.29]
    2. CB University [Init.$/Sale: 102.34, Grav:55.18]
    3. Okinawa Flat Belly [Init.$/Sale: 44.54, Grav:43.87]
    4. His Secret Obsession [Init.$/Sale: 45.64, Grav:192.17]
    5. Smoothie Diet [Init.$/Sale: 27.26, Grav:94.83]
    6. New High Converter for Women’s List [Init.$/Sale: 53.66, Grav:42.81]
    7. Water Freedom System [Init.$/Sale: 40.40, Grav:126.21]
    8. Resurge – Godzilla of Offer [Init.$/Sale: 103.46, Grav:811.04]

    Wouold appreciate insight from Pros on these CB.



    Sean Bagheri
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    Hey Muhammad, I recommend #1 and #2, both are great products and cover a wide range of interests.

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