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    Hello everyone. Let’s talk SEO!

    The reason I started this topic is to get some feedback and ideas from all Aversity members about SEO. If you don’t mind, please share your best SEO practices and tips for everyone to use. What worked and what didn’t worked, how you improved on what didn’t work, and what you can do to optimize your website and pages for better search performance.

    I’m going to kick things off by sharing my own top SEO strategy:

    The biggest thing these days is on-page SEO. This means that you’ll need to focus on keywords, the quality of your content and more importantly, creating detailed and helpful articles to keep your audience on page.

    There’s a phrase for long and detailed article, called “Skyscraper” model.

    This means that if you want to write an article about a subject, the article will be so long and detailed that it will answer every possible question. These types of article attract a ton of backlinks which helps your ranking too.

    That was what I’ve learned and tested.

    Now it’s your turn!

    Martin Smith
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    Here’s what has worked for me when it comes to SEO. This is like a checklist for me. I make sure every article or piece of content I write checks out with these things:

    – Proper keyword research
    – A keyword based and interesting headline
    – High-quality content that keeps them on page
    – Use videos to make your content more interesting (more on page time)
    – simple and clean URL with keywords
    – Natural backlinks: write high quality content (detailed and long) so other blogs and websites will link to it. This way, you generate backlinks naturally which is awesome.

    Amine MOULDAR
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    I’ve been building niche sites for 3 years now, I’ve built some of them to success without building a single backlink!

    There are 3 things that made all the difference for me:

    1) Niche Selection:
    Avoid Health and Personal Finance Niches at all times, You can do a Youtube Channel about these topics, but not a Blog!
    These are YMYL Topics (Your Money Your Life) and google won’t Trust Your Site unless you’ve got EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust).
    And Having EAT is a long Process, it could take you years to Establish Authority in Google eyes! Not to Mention that the competition for these topics is BRUTAL!
    You will be in direct competition with Webmd, Healthline, HealthAmbition and all these big Dogs in the Industry!
    Instead go for hobby niches, home improvement niches, gardening niches …

    2) Smart Keyword Research:
    Picking keywords in your first days of your blog is more important than what you might think!
    That’s a make or break!
    Never go for big keywords, Google won’t trust a brand new domain for those keywords, Your first 20 to 30 blog posts should be for the smallest possible keywords, these won’t give you lot of trafic but these post will give you lot of trust!
    An example of Big Keyword “How to Fix My Phone” That’s a big one with potentially lot of competition and you don’t stand a chance at the beginning …
    … However “Can I fix my phone speed using a free app” that’s a much smaller keyword that you can own and rank for pretty quickly.
    You need 20 Blog posts about these keywords at least. Google will trust you and give you a chance to rank for the bigger keywords that you will write about afterwards!

    3) Search Intent:
    Believe me, this is HUGE!
    Your content should cover search Intent from Google standpoint and from user stand point.
    From Google Stand point, all you need to do, is to google the search term you want to rank for and see what’s popping up in the first page, there is certainly a similar pattern between all the first ranking pages!
    Maybe they are all or mostly how-to posts, maybe they are mostly Best X for Y posts, maybe they are List Posts, or Maybe they are visually explained Posts or they are just videos!
    What you need to do is to create a better piece of content following the same pattern of what is already ranking so google will see you covering the search intent and would test your content over time and eventually put you on top!
    Then there is the user search intent … You need to put the user in mind and answer the questions he is asking as soon as possible in the post and also all related questions that he might be asking, don’t forget to make the content readable and insert internal links to helpful resources when it makes sense. This will result on better Metrics (Time on page, Bounce rate, Exit Rate, Pageviews …), thus google will favore your content over time!

    This is how I mainly build my sites and will continue to be,

    Backlinks are helpful and will solidify your rankings, but I’ve managed to get some solid backlinks without even asking for them from sites like wikiHow and other big player in my industry!

    Hope that was a little bit helpful.

    David M Pabalate
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    Writing search engine optimized content is usually the way to go. I don’t focus on backlinks too much.

    I’ve written content for years and some of them are from years ago and still ranking on the first page, because SEO doesn’t change much as long as you got good content on your pages.

    So make sure you have the right keyword density in your content as well as in the title tag, H1, H2, H3, & H4 as well as website title tag, image title tag, meta title tag.

    lewis hamilton
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    Be aware of duplicate content! A couple of months ago, one of my websites was hit by a Google update and it was caused due to duplicate content. Make sure you don’t have any of it on your site.

    David Boulder
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    My top SEO tip: Use videos in your articles! Videos play a MAJOR role in ranking of an article these days. One of the things videos do (if you use them correctly) is keeping the visitor on site which means less bounce rate and better ranking on Google. This is very big, in some cases bigger than CTR.

    Also, you can use “video” in headline to increase your search CTR for better ranking.

    For example, if the keyword is “How to earn passive income online”, your title could be “How to Earn Passive Income Online (with Video Guide)”

    This is a big click magnet.

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    This is amazing! Honestly I wasn’t expecting any replies lol. Thank you everyone for sharing such great SEO tips!

    I also wanted to add one more: Pinterest and Reddit.

    I’m not 100% sure about this one, but I’ve been seeing some interesting SEO improvements when I use these platforms consistently to share my content.

    Another method is to share your content on pinterest, buy a bunch of backlinks to that article on Fiverr and wait for it to rank

    Amine MOULDAR
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    The last thing you wanna do is to buy links pointing to your domain from fiverr!
    These links are Crap! Not to mention that they would make you highly vulnerable to Google Core Updates!
    And if you do too much of that, especially PBNs, you might even get a manual penalty from Google.
    The best way to approach backlinking is to create linkinbale content, like blog posts with statistics for example, people like to link to statistics, if they look legit and well reaserched!
    Also you can do outreach to other players in your industry build relationships, and you can pitch guest posting opportunities!

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    MY BAD. What I meant was to buy fiverr links and point them toward the Pinterest Pin, not the content. Amine is correct, buying backlinks for your article can get you in trouble.

    Joel McLaughlin
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    My best SEO tip for you is interlinking! Make sure you got multiple pages on your website and always link from the content to other pages, other articles and etc. The website structure and how often you link to other pages (not counting the menu) is super important.

    David M Pabalate
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    Content is everything. Try writing great and detailed content. Quality over quantity. It’ll eventually rank, if it doesn’t rank instantly. You can boost it by sharing it on social media and basically getting eyeballs on it, even sharing it on forums can help. The goal is to get people to see it, and hopefully link to it later

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