How to Find High-Converting Affiliate Products to Promote – 5-Minute Marketing Episode 6

Finding an affiliate product to promote is one of the most important tasks of all time in affiliate marketing. In episode 6 of the 5-Minute Marketing training series, I’m going to share 4 tips that you can implement today to find the perfect affiliate products to promote:

Let’s go over the video:

In order to find great affiliate products to earn commissions from, these products need to have:

A Great Video Sales Page

These days people rarely read anything. Videos are the best way to grab someone’s attention and without a video on a sales page, you’d be losing 95% of your sales.

This means that as an affiliate, you need to send your traffic to a sales page that has a great sales video. Something that provides value and does a good job of selling the product to the visitors.

Based on our experience, sales videos should be anything from 4 minutes to 25 minutes, depending on the price of the product. For example in our case, our $2,497 product has a 31 minutes long sales video while our $297 product has a 10 minutes sales video.

Lifetime Commissions (Lock The Customer to You)

Lifetime commissions are the best way to keep making money as an affiliate. This way, you don’t only rely on getting the sale but you will keep getting more sales without selling anything.

Finding a network or a product that locks a customer to an affiliate isn’t easy, in fact, not many companies are doing it these days. In my article about Clickbank, I mentioned that one of the downsides of Clickbank is the fact that it doesn’t pay you lifetime commissions, so let’s say if you earn a $49 commission on Clickbank, that will be the only money you’ll ever make from that sale, which isn’t the best way to make money on the long run as an affiliate.

Aversity pays over $500,000 a month to its affiliates and most of it is just lifetime commissions made from high ticket sales, which brings me to the next point…

High Ticket Sales Funnels

High ticket sales are the key to success. Without them, your affiliate marketing dream won’t become a reality because you’ll run out of money to fund your business.

Imagine your goal is to make $10,000 a month online and you have 2 options to achieve it. Option 1 is to sell cheap Clickbank products and earn $25 commissions, option 2 is to sell products with high ticket funnels that can make you an easy $1,000 per sale. Which one will help you to achieve your 10k a month goal faster? Obviously, the high ticket option will.

When you make big commissions, the economics of your business shifts. Suddenly, you got more money to invest back on your business and your business grows FASTER.

Great Affiliate Tools and Training Videos

Although affiliates should create their own tools and means to promote products, having a nice set of tools and training videos won’t go a long way.

Affiliate products with great tools and training videos show the fact that the vendor or the product creator cares about the product and willing to provide every possible tool for maximum profit.

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