Fastest Way to Make $3,000 a Day in 2021 Without Breaking the Bank

What does it take to make $3,000 a day online? Do you need to sell anything online? What if you don’t have any marketing or sales experience? How much time and money do you need to invest? What type of tools do you need to get started and more importantly, where should you start in the first place?

These are all of the questions that you’re about to get a detailed answer to in this article, so pay attention as I share my full guide to building a serious online business that can make you seven figures a year…

The Business Strategy to Help You Make $3,000 a Day:

What if there was a business model where you didn’t need to have your own products to sell, process transactions, and handle customer service?

This business model would allow you to simply focus on sales and earn commissions on every sale you generate, without having to use social media or embarrass yourself on Facebook trying to sell something to your relatives or friends.

The business I’m talking about is affiliate marketing. It’s one of the most famous online businesses in the world, and millions of people are using it to earn six or seven figures a year.

Affiliate marketing is the business that is helping me and thousands of other people in our Gold Masterclass program to earn $3,000 a day online by working one or two hours a day.

Affiliate marketing itself can be divided into hundreds of different sub-strategies so it’s important to learn and apply the right one when you start, otherwise, you can end up wasting months of your time without making a single dime.

In case if you’re a complete newbie, watch the training video to learn the basic concepts of affiliate marketing. This can help you comprehend and understand the rest of this article much easier:

How Does it Work?

In order to find products to sell, you’ll need to join an affiliate network. A network is going to provide you with the affiliate links you need. Your job as an affiliate is to drive traffic (people who might be interested in that product) and make a sale. When a sale is made, you’ll earn a commission.

Some of the best affiliate networks in the world are ClickbankAversity, and Actionate. As an affiliate, you’ll need to create a simple website, create a presell page (which you’ll learn about soon), and use the sales material provided by the product owner to create a sales funnel.

Let’s Start Building Your Business…

In order to earn $3,000 a day, you’ll need to create a simple website. When it comes to building a website, there are hundreds of different options available, but since you’re going to use it for your business, you need a website that you can develop your business on, and expand it without any future problems.

With that being said, I recommend creating a WordPress site.

In order to create a WordPress site, you’ll need a domain (which you can get for free) and a hosting service. We recommend Bluehost to our members. It’s easy to use, and your website will run fast on reliable servers.

You will also get a free domain on Bluehost which can save you $15 upfront!

After that, you’ll need a landing page builder system that allows you to create beautiful landing pages, sales pages, and funnels on your website without any limits.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of landing page builder tools available on the internet, but most of them will cost a fortune. For example, Clickfunnel, a popular page builder tool can cost $97 to $297 a month.

That’s why we use Thrive Suite, a series of amazing landing page and marketing tools that will cost you no more than $19 a month, and can do a lot more than other premium page builder tools.

The next tool you’re going to need for your online business is an autoresponder for your email marketing efforts. As you drive more traffic to your page, you will generate leads (people who enter their name and email). You can use autoresponder software to turn these leads into sales, by sending them promotional emails automatically every day.

For this, I usually use Aweber. Aweber is an amazing and capable autoresponder software that starts at an affordable price and can help you scale your online business quickly.

Your Sales and Funnel Strategy

Now that you are familiar with the tools you’ll need, it’s time to build your business. The next step is to create your sales funnel. A sales funnel is basically the process you’ll take your potential buyers in order to convince them to purchase a product from your affiliate link.

In this case, we’re going to create a very basic sales funnel that has been proven to work for new and expert marketers, and can also help you build a list of customers which can be useful for driving instant traffic to more future affiliate products you might sell.

For this case, we’re going to build a sales funnel that will look like this:

This funnel is simple: You’ll drive traffic to your opt-in page where you collect leads. Visitors will sign up and see your presell page, where you convince them to purchase the product by providing details, features, benefits, and bonuses.

This is how you’ll promote everything as an affiliate, and will eventually get to your $3,000 a day income goal.

Customers buy the product from your affiliate link which will generate you an affiliate sale, or if they don’t, they will receive your daily follow-up updates from your autoresponder and will be reminded to purchase the product.

Want to Learn More? Join our detailed video training course here

Now, allow me to share some details on each step of this funnel to give you a better idea of how to build these, and the best practices to build and optimize your funnels.

Step 1: Your Opt-in

Your opt-in page is the first thing people will see, and it’s important to make sure it is the best version of itself. One way to make sure this is the case is to test multiple headlines to make sure you are finding the best possible phrase. Most landing page builders let you do A/B tests and this is the case with the tool we recommended, Thrive Suite.

Simply create a new A/B test and see which headlines work better. There are training videos inside Thrive Plugin available for you to watch and learn how everything works.

Also, keep your pages as simple as possible with a basic headline, and a high contrast call to action button. Don’t complicate your page by adding videos or images that are not necessary.

Step 2: Your Presell Page

Your presell page is the most important step of your funnel. This is where the sales are made, and it has to be convincing enough. We recommend using a video and mentioning these in your video to spark the interest of the viewer in what you’re selling: Their problems, some valuable solutions to their problems, features of the product you’re promoting, showing what’s inside, providing extra bonus content and a final call to action.

As mentioned, your presell page is your most important page, so don’t forget to do another A/B testing for this one after you’re finished with your first A/B testing. Note: Don’t run A/B tests for separate parts of your funnels at the same time!

Step 3: Your Followup

Your email follow-up is an optional but important step of your sales process. The idea with this is to build a relationship with people who did not purchase the product and convince them to buy using bonuses, more valuable content, and convincing discounts or offers.

One of our best follow-up funnels has been the ones where we don’t send too many emails. People get hundreds of emails every day, and your marketing pitch email won’t be interesting to them.

So it’s important to limit your emails to a couple a week, and don’t pitch too hard. Keep it light, provide valuable information in the email itself, and make it look like you put a lot of time into the email you sent them.

People will appreciate it and will connect with your copy way better and will be more lenient to purchase the products you’re offering.

Driving Traffic to Your Funnel

Now that you have a funnel set, it’s time to drive traffic to it, and get you to the $3,000 a day goal!

There are hundreds of different methods and sources that you can use to drive targeted traffic to your offers. In this case, I’m going to focus on my own favorite method, the Bing Pay Per Click advertising.

Watch this short video as I explain the most effective Bing Advertising strategies:

Like your landing page and opt-in page, PPC advertising requires lots of testing and experience, so it’s important to let your ads run and monitor them once an hour to optimize them. Try different copies and make sure they match your landing page.

Bonus: A Single Sale to Make $3,000 A Day!

When it comes to making $3,000 a day online, there are generally 2 ways to achieve it: Option one is to generate enough small sales to make $3,000 a day, or Option 2 is to generate a few sales a day, maybe one or two, to reach that goal.

If you’re getting started, making $3,000 a day selling small products can be a bit challenging, that’s why we recommend using a high ticket affiliate network and system, where you can earn commissions up to $3,000 per every sale you generate.

With this business model, you only need one or two sales a day to achieve your goal, and believe it or not, it’s much easier to generate high ticket sales than a low ticket and low-level sales.

One of the ways to learn about the best ways to sell high ticket products and have access to an affiliate network that allows you to generate commissions like this is by joining the Gold Masterclass

Bonus 2: You’ll Need More Than a Single Funnel…

One of the most important factors when it comes to making $3,000 a day is having multiple of these funnels running at the same time. Don’t stop at your first one. Find a different product and build a funnel for it.

If you’re an Aversity Gold Member, you can always contact your coach and ask for help with your funnel optimization, or even in some cases, you can ask your coach to create some of the funnels for you in case you need to offload some of the work.

Bonus 3: Earn $3,000 Commissions With Gold Masterclass:

One of the fastest and best ways to achieve your $3,000 a day goal as an affiliate marketer is to be in a program and system that provides everything you need from A to Z.

Aversity Gold Masterclass is one of the most popular online business and affiliate marketing courses in the world and it’s going to provide you with some of the most detailed step-by-step training videos in the world to help you build a profitable online business from A to Z.

Aversity Gold Masterclass will also assign you a dedicated coach who will help you every single step of the way. No matter what you need, from funnel building to website and tech support, or even ideas for your funnels, emails, or products to choose from, our coaches will help you build a successful business as fast as possible.

Aversity Gold Masterclass will also give you full access to our high ticket affiliate program. Our high ticket program is one of the best paying affiliate programs in the world and over 25,000 people are actively promoting our affiliate program every month.

In our high ticket program, a simple $25 sale can turn into a $3,000 sale in less than 4 days and that’s the power of a high ticket program. This means you can focus on selling cheap products and our team and funnels will turn it into high ticket sales and pay you the commission!

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