Earn Money With YouTube Using Only 5 Simple Videos

YouTube and the idea of YouTube success make it look easy for everyone to succeed but in reality, it’s not that simple, or is it?

In this article, we’re going to explore a quick YouTube channel strategy that is so powerful in making you money that you can potentially profit from it in the next 7 days. Sounds good? Let’s get started

Keep in mind that this is not a permanent YouTube channel or YouTube growth strategy. Although you can use it in your existing YouTube channels, it’s better if it’s done separately from your main YouTube branded business venture. So with that out of the way, let’s talk YouTube money…

First, let’s get some things out of the way by answering some of the most common YouTuber questions…

How Much Money on YouTube Do You Get Per View?

It depends, you can get anything from $2 to 15 per every 1,000 views. This depends on how advertisable your audience is, how much they watch your videos and interact with the ads shown on your videos.

Can You Quit Your Job Doing YouTube?

Not for a long time. The key to YouTube success is good content and even that doesn’t mean you can quit your job. On average, it’ll take about a year or two to make a full-time income from YouTube. With what you’re about to learn here, this could happen 100x faster to you.

Beginnings are the hardest part of being a YouTuber…

Your first 5 to 10 videos are going to be your most important ones for a very long time, so make sure they’re great. One thing you should do is to not focus or count on GoAdsensedsens revenue for a very long time. The key is to build your brand or channel, and money will come with it when you do that (I’ll explain how)

Small YouTube Channels Can Make More Than Big Channels, Here’s How…

The most important factor in making money as fast as possible with Your small YouTube channel is a product. You will need to have something to sell with every video you post.

I’m not talking about Patreon where people give you some money for making the videos or some monthly donations. I’m talking about a real product that your viewers can be interested in.

Many YouTubers have a merch store where they sell clothing which is not a bad idea, but not the smartest way to make money.

Here’s why you shouldn’t sell merch for a long time:

Because it’s not consistent. Your fans can love you today and hate you tomorrow. Worse than that, people don’t keep buying t-shirts from the same place over and over so if your primary source of income is your merch, you will have to constantly work to get a new customer, which isn’t ideal.

Last but not least, selling clothing has its own costs and hassles that as an up and coming YouTuber, you don’t want to deal with. You should put all of your attention and energy on your own channel, your content, and your fans instead of dealing with the business side of your YouTube channel.

Selling merch should be considered a second source of income. Something that you’ll do in future to grow your community and reach.

So If Merch or Ads Aren’t an Option, Then What’s The Best Way Make Money From YouTube?

The short answer: affiliate marketing.

Allow me to explain.

I have a YouTube channel with 35,000 subscribers and about 2,000 views a day. Can you guess how much money I make from it? Over $50,000 a month.

Although my YouTube channel isn’t my main source of income, it makes me a considerable amount of money every month and here’s the simple reasoning behind it: I monetized with affiliate products.

Digital affiliate products don’t have a shipping or delivery cost and you can sell an unlimited number of them without having to worry about production costs or delays and they are your friend when you start a channel.

So How Does This Quick YouTube Strategy Work?

I’m going to explain this as simple as possible, so here you go…

First, you will need 4 YouTube videos.

The first 3 will act as engagement videos and will only get people to engage with your content and channel. The goal of these videos is to get people to enjoy and appreciate the value you’re adding to their life (it can be about anything, but make sure they’re all about the same subject)

Starting from the first video, you have to make sure these videos complete each other and when someone watches the first one, they will somehow feel excited about what’s coming in the next videos.

That’s 3 videos for you.

The 4th video is the most important one. In this one, you should recap everything you’ve explained in the past 3 videos and then promote a product at the end.

This simple 4 step strategy alone is responsible for over $2,00,000 in revenue in our company, and at a smaller scale can be used in your YouTube channel to help you make some serious money on YouTube…

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  • I read this article this morning, Feb 7th 2019 and followed the tips. New YT channel created, uploaded the first of four videos. Let’s see how it goes!

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