How to Earn Affiliate Commissions Using Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest traffic sources of all time and can be very profitable to both newbies and experts, it used right. Most of the newbies fail to utilize Facebook correctly and end up wasting thousands of dollars without making a dime.

In this video, you’ll learn about my own personal Facebook advertising strategy and how I’m using this strategy to earn thousands of dollars every day…

Note: this article was updated on 02 Dec 2022

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For this Facebook advertising strategy, you need a few videos that will provide valuable information.

I usually recommend 3 videos.

The first two video need to be informational and valuable but at the same time they should encourage people to watch the next video.

You'll advertise the first video with your target audience on FB and create an audience of people who watched the first video.

Then start a new adgroup and advertise the second video to the people who watched at least 25% of the first video.

And you'll do the same with the video #3.

Create an audience of people who watched the second video and advertise the third video.

On the third video, you can promote your affiliate product. We recommend an opt-in page to collect leads.

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